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Jobs During Pandemic Corona 2020

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How to Adapt to the Future of Work 

Many job opportunities have disappeared amid the pandemic. Stable jobs of the past have been uprooted, leaving many wondering about the future of their career. It has become more and more evident that the job market will be permanently changed, even after the long-term effects of Covid-19 subside.

Fortunately, this pandemic has also revealed the future of the job market. Many tech fields have not only survived but thrived during these troubling times. For example, there are accredited online coding schools on the rise with a myriad of flexible programs available to participants. Through online learning, anyone can pick up the skills needed for the future job market.

Software Engineers

As technology continues to rapidly develop, the need for Software Engineers is going to skyrocket. For those unfamiliar, the main role of a software engineer is to develop systems and various types of software for businesses. Using knowledge of programming and engineering, these professionals are responsible for most Internet services and websites you find.

In 2019 there were an estimated 1 million people employed as software engineers. With over 3 billion smartphone users in the world scanning the Internet at once, the need for software engineers is exponentially increasing. In fact, the field is estimated to yield a 21 percent growth over the next nine years. Furthermore, the base pay for this career is $92,046 on average, with software engineers at the top of their field earning up to $150,000 per year.

So, where can you go to pick up the skills needed for this lucrative career? Fortunately, there are respected schools such as App Academy that can help. With both online and in-person options, this school is ideal for anyone trying to get their feet wet with software engineering. An added benefit is the fact that App Academy charges no tuition fee until you are hired as a software engineer that earns above $50,000. Taking advantage of its online offer is a great way to come out on the other side of this pandemic with valuable new skills.

Web Developer

One of the most underrated professions in the tech space is that of Web Developer. These professionals are responsible for the easy-to-use websites that you know and love. Tasked with building websites, web developers are responsible for programming what a user sees when they land on a site and the behind-the-scenes mechanics; essentially, a more specialized software engineer. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, web development is a field set to see a 13 percent growth in the next eight years, showing long-term survivability even during a pandemic. With a comfortable median salary of $73,000, web developers work in a field with high-growth potential. 

To learn these useful skills, specialized schools such as the top-rated General Assembly are a great option. With over 25 campuses around the world, General Assembly boasts nearly 70,000 alumni. They also offer online instruction to ensure the safety of all their students amid the pandemic.

Data Science

In this day and age, data science is one of the most important fields for ensuring the online success of a company. A Data Scientist is responsible for working with business leaders using analytics and machine learning to foster sustainable growth for the company. The largest skills a data scientist should possess are a love for data and a keen eye for analytics.

As computer processing and intelligence increases, so does the field of data science. With an estimated 5,400 new jobs set to arise in the next decade and a pay range of $95,000 to $180,000, this is a field anyone should consider entering. 

Even if you don’t currently possess the data skills required, there are learning options that can help. This review of Springboard outlines the self-paced and online learning options available. Using their bootcamps—which last from 6 to 9 months—anyone can develop the skills needed to get a cut of the action in the field of data science. 


We are living in uncertain times. The job market is changing but the resilient jobs of the future are here to stay. Learning to adapt and using online resources to develop skills in tech is one of the smartest paths you take. Don’t let the damage to the current job market scare you—go learn the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in the post-pandemic world.


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Reactivating Youtube and Fpv scenes with new DJI FPV and Crossfire

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So recently i am activating my youtube channel as well as fpv flying for fun…. had been not done it since a long time…
Well update on the same is that last week i was at a client side with out fixed wing flying for GIS mapping and i had my fpv drone with me i had no idea if it was tuned or would it even fly but yes it did flew and i enjyed a lot crashed it loosed a battery but it triggered that kick which i used to get before and hence back to normal life lol am gonna do it again…
We have ordered a dji fpv system + crossfire for general use now and would soon get a setup done right for flying till then stay tuned …
will update the rig pics and setup ideas soon as the parts arrive

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Mini drones you can start into the hobby under 5k – 70$


Hey guys so this is a post i though to make while browsing i came across a list of products i found to be a answer to many of people i speak to…

major issue in the hobby is the money we spend and the rate at which we spend so today for those who have question such as … – how much will it cost?

  • which is the cheapest copter?

  • what is the minimum i can spend to enjoy fpv hobby?

  • do i have to buy a radio and fpv goggles?

Well today i have a answer to that i wont say much will just post the product links you can browse and check yourself all the copters are below INR 5000/- and $70 so enjoy… no longer you need to take care of budget..

  1. Eachine E10 c

2.  eachine eo1os


3. eachine tiny qx95


4. eachine 90c

5. MJX

6. eachine e013

As i have listed all the so called possible getting started cheapest fpv setups with radio and goggles and copter. which you will need to get started and get handson fpv experience ..

Do click on the link and also do check my youtube channel for giveaway :


NOTE: For Indian readers i would suggest do not import this drones as mostly they might get stuck in customs rather wait for some days they all will be in stock at

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How to install flytsim on ubuntu|FLYTBASE using Docker


So as you guys would know that i have been using flytpi since a while now i wondered if i can test the apps that i make without risking my setups… so i came across “flytsim” by flytbase.

FlytBase Store

Now if you havent seen the previous blog posts about flytpi,flytbase,drones applications check the below links:

unboxing review: here

connections : here

You can visit FLYTBASE and check the product and their work here : FLYTBASE

And you can visit : FLYTBASE STORE


Coming back to ubuntu installation :

Step 1: Visit this url and read all the documentation : HERE 

Step 2: Download the source files recently posted from here : FLYTSIM

After you have downloaded the files extract them to any place you feel appropriate i always keep all files on desktop on which i am working on.

Now you need to browse the folder and choose the OS that you are using in my  case i am using UBUNTU 17.04 so i opened Ubuntu and then choose the graphics that you are using i am using Intel graphics you can check that in software update section or “about this computer section” on the top right corner.

Software update section.


After clicking on the about this computer section.

As you see my laptop uses graphics based on Intel i will use Intel folder.

Step 3: Open a new terminal, and go to the directory where you have unzipped our latest release.


  • Get to intelgraphics directory inside linux directory.

    $ cd Desktop/flytsim-docker-0.2.0/linux/intelgraphics

    Copy paste this command if you are following the same way that i am doing it if your extracted folder is on the Desktop also you can rename the folder which you extracted to keep it simple.

  • If you are running Ubuntu, execute the script with sudo permission which would install docker and docker-compose on your machine. In case you are using any other flavour of Linux, please install them manually by following their individual guides from Docker installation guide

    $ sudo ./
  • Once setup is completed (or you have manually installed docker and docker-compose), start a sample docker example to make sure it is indeed setup correctly.

    $ sudo docker run hello-world

    STEP 4:

  • Start your FlytSim session by executing script, with sudo permission. This script would start a docker container running FlytSim app and also open a tab in browser pointing to http://localhost/flytconsole, once it detects a successful launch.

    $ sudo ./


    Since, FlytSim is running in its default configuration, you won’t get to see any Gazebo environment.

    Why don’t I see Gazebo GUI when I launch FlytSim?

    FlytSim is by default configured to run APM-SITL which is NOT Gazebo based. You would have to configure FlytSim to run PX4-SITL to get Gazebo GUI. Click here to know how.

    Suggestion to Users using JIO network for Internet:

    "If you are in India and working on a Jio connection i would suggest pls. switch to some other network or visit a friend who has a unlimited plan for internet i personally am trying this after returning home and my broadband plan is over and i didnt had any connectivity other than JIO.
    Well this does check for latest image on the server and downloads it roughly about 1gb of data is downloaded and as you know we only have 1Gb of data usually used by JIO users, so keep a check on that."

    So after the download procedure is compeleted give the terminal about a minutes time it will boot up FlytOS  and you will see a browser popup with new window opened in url : https://localhost/flytconsole.

    Now that its a simulator you cannot use all of the settings as its a simulation of actual drone connected to flytos so you can you some of the navigation api’s after activating your free copy by making a account @

So now thats for todays post will update how to use it and get the GUI console in the next blog post stay tuned and you can subscribe to get new updates from the blog in the pop-up that you see while browsing the blog.



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[Tutorial] FlytPi Kit | Calibration and First Flight

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 3.47.07 PM

FlytBase Store

In this video tutorial, you will learn about Calibrating your drone and getting it ready for first flight. The video shows – Connecting to FlytPi Access Point – Opening FlytConsole – FlytOS CE Update settings – Frame Select – RC Calibration – Flight Mode settings: RC Manual, Altitude mode, Position Control Mode | RC-Manual, API-mode(Offboard or Guided) – Sensor Calibration – Accelerometer, Mag, Gyro, Level – GCS for Waypoint missions, HUD, Messages




You can visit FLYTBASE and check the product and their work here : FLYTBASE

And you can visit : FLYTBASE STORE


So thats all for the Look and feel of FLYTPI am enjoying the experience you can grab yours from below link
FlytBase Store

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FlytPi Review: Start Building Drone Applications With Ease

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Hey Guys!!

So today i got my FLYT PI sent to me for testing by FLYTBASE. Its a awesome board for all DIY Hobbyist and Commercial Use.

FLYTPI is a Raspberry-Pi preconfigured for the using various autonomous functionalities via Web console or IP based applications, there are various use-cases and applications platforms supported by FLYTOS.

FlytBase Store
So basically it is a layer on the Flight controller inorder to extend its features like autotake, Follow me, Vision positining,Object detection,etc. Lot of features and wide variety of applications.

You can visit FLYTBASE and check the product and their work here : FLYTBASE

And you can visit : FLYTBASE STORE

Coming to What we get in the FLYTPI KIT.

So the contents of FLYT PI KIT are as follows :

  • 1x Raspberry Pi3 Model B
  • 1x Plastic Enclosure
  • 1x 32GB uSD Card Class 10 with FlytOS Commercial Edition
  • 1x Attached UART-to-UART cable
  • 1x Power Module 5V 4A (Powers both FlytPi and Autopilot, provides battery out for ESCs)
  • 1x Wall Adapter (Micro-USB)
  • 1x HDMI Cable
  • 1x Ethernet Cable

To visit the official instructions for using FLYTPI : FLYTPI DOCS


Lets get started:

First step is to remove all the contents out and explore them.

Later after removing all the packaging and all i could see a raspberry pi with sd card preconfigured and installed with “flytos” by flytbase.

Now i took my pixhawk which is also new for this only setup, you can buy yours from any website or CLICK HERE

So coming to the connections

As you see RPI comes preconfigured with flytos and with a nice case and all wires required, you will find a molex cable coming out of the RPI case so that goes to your Pixhawk Telemetry port 2 for communication between (RPI)FLYTOS and PIXHAWK.

So you are all set when you order a FLYTPI. You get all ready to go device thats plug and play.

You just simply have to connect this cable as shown below :

Now that you can browse wifi settings on any of your mobile device or laptop and connect to flytpi.

SSID: flytos_WiFi
Password: flytos123
And now you can browse all settings in the FLYTOS and use your drone, you can now do the following features wirelessly (just connect FLYTPI and Pixhawk on your drone) NO NEED OF ANY USB.
So that also means no wire tangling when you are calibrating your drones all sensor calibration can be done via the webconsole : you can type in – localhost/flytconsole  once you have connected to the FLYTPI.
Also the Ip assigned is you can even connect to this ip.
So lets get a overview of what all is actually there in the Flytconsole and how does it looks like.

This is a image of FLYTPI been booted up and in ready mode.

Now that you are in the link : in your browser you can see something like this:

NOTE : While powering on your FLYTPI remember to power on your Pixhawk so as the Flytos detects Pixhawk.

So as you see your license is already activated from flytbase. Just and Plug and Use.

Commercial Edition: FLYTOS


Frame selection is as follows :

So lets check out some more things like calibration:

So all the features that you see above arent available with FLYTPI as of now but then you can use the sensors calibration tab and RC calibration tab easily.

Coming to the PLUG AND PLAY POINT again you can connect camera or any USB devices and use them easily check out some features for camera below:



So to get the maps functioning properly you will have to connect a dongle to FLYTPI to get the maps downloaded which it doesnt all on its own if you are planning to use auto-missions.


Now that you can see the GCS:

If you do not have internet connected it might look something like this:

But is totally workable if you are just to explore it and not use it.

Battery status checking

So thats all for the Look and feel of FLYTPI am enjoying the experience you can grab yours from below link
FlytBase Store



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Discount offers and Great products @

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 1.16.44 PM

Hey guys if you are subscribed to my youtube you would have always seen a link in the description :

So quadkopters is one of the Lhs located in Mumbai and they have awesome service and support towards customers even the order is been shipped within weeks time and sometimes less.

Well quadkopters has come up with a collaboration plans and we also need suggestions from your side.

We are providing you guys a discount coupon code: FPVCRAZY you can visit the website and buy whatever you like to buy and comment on the product description.

Also pls. do comment on this post and let us know what products you would like to buy and which arent in stock right now in India we will try our best to get it to you.


You can use coupon Code : FPVCRAZY

Only Rules to follow is  : Your order subtotal should be equal to 500 or more.


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Chinese Websites you can buy Gadgets from


So today i was wondering where all i have been ordering this chinese products for RC as well as daily use from… i neva made a bookmark before but thought of making a list folder of all rchobby websites and general purpose website.

I have here  few Chinese Websites where you can buy gadgets from.

Have a look at the websites all below website names are hyperlinks you can click and visit the website do remember to click on the links and check out some amazing products also do check product refferals page for product code and refferals of amazing offers : HERE











DO check the links also guys remember ordering it or importing this gadgets incur customs duties and taxation so beware of your country laws and order accordingly i know the prices are tempting but it might happen that some stuff isnt allowed according to countries legal norms.

Do check before you order also do check on the sellers rating on some websites like aliexpress before placing order infact you can speak to them and ask them normal questions about functionality and shipping days and stuff which will make you understand how the seller is.

stay tuned for such updates do check product referalls page for more product referalls.


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Where to buy Drone parts in India


So am listing down some websites where you can find drone parts :


If you want to compare drone parts from stores all over india you can visit the below :

also dont forget to subscribe our youtube channel : rohit fpv

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High voltage Endurance motors for cheap

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 2.56.48 AM

High voltage Endurance motors for cheap is correct they are cheap like 20$ or so some of the motors are obviously branded so are been rated high am going to list down 3 motors i found to be better in efficiency and are good for endurance long flights.

Visit here for long time endurance flight quadcopter build : LINK

Motors :

SunnySky V3508 380kv

Racerstar Racing Edition 3508 BR3508 380KV 3-8S Brushless Motor For 600 700 800 RC Multirotors

Multistar Elite 3508-268KV High Voltage Endurance Motor

You can click on the motor names and check the specs although you can also scroll down i have copied them for you.

Now coming to individual price which is very important.

SUNNYSKY is a brand and they make awesome motors but they have a lot of oem and fake manufacturer in the market so buying from china from sites like aliexpress or ebay can land you with fake knockoffs beware. You can directly buy from sunnysky talk to them. Price for sunnysky is about $37.9 on Getfpv which is i feel costlier than the other 2 motors.

RACERSTAR is the best motor i felt among all the 3 due to the price and the datasheet i would say datasheet of all 3 motors is almost the same with some 0.xx amps here and there but it doesnt really matter as that can be counteracted with many other factors and tricks. Price of this motor is just $15 with free shipping on Banggood which is nice and best in the budget it runs on 3s to8s which is again a good thing.

Now the final motor which is the Multistar elite 3508 268kv now this is the motor which can be optimised and is a bit pricer than Racerstar Hobbyking has given us various specs and types of configuration for the same so that we can arrange the configuration between hexcopter and quadcopter and 6s and 8s battery according to our needs. This motor costs a normal customer $34 and for new or diamond customer about $24 which is $10 difference.


Best motor to buy if you are on budget and want to try a brand out go for Racerstar v3508 380kv only for $15 .

Now that is just Rs.1000 for each motor which i feel is nice also the weight consideration of this motors comes out to be cool.




Multistar 3508 268KV @ 32V (8s)
12.5×6           50%  800g 4A      100% 1200g 7A
13×3.8 SF      50%  580g 1.5A    100% 1320g 4.9A
13×4.7 SF      50%  620g 2.2A    100% 1410g 5.2A
13×5.5 C        50%  670g 2.7A    100% 1600g 6.8A
14×4.7           50%  710g 3A       100% 1460g 7.8A

Multistar 3508 268KV @ 25V (6s)
14×4.7           50%  598g 2.4A   100% 1030g 5.6A
15×5 M.S.W   50%  712g 2.8A   100% 1144g 5.8A

A 680mm Hex such as the Tarot or 680UC pro Quanum AUW with battery and gimbal weighs 2.5~3.2Kg @ 3Kg/6(motors)=500g lift needed per motor to hover.

Hover efficiency 3508 268KV @ 32V (8s) 500g thrust x 6 =3K
12 wood                        1.96A
11×5.5 APC speed          2.3A
13×3.8 sf                      1.5A        (X 6= 9A hover)
13×4.7 sf                      1.6A
13×5.5 C                       1.6A
13×6.5 APC                   1.9A
14×4.7 sf                      1.4A        (X 6= 8.6A hover)
Hover efficiency 3508 268KV @ 25V (6s) 500g thrust x 6 =3Kg
15×5 Multistar White     1.7A         (x 6=10.2A hover)
14×4.7 SF                      2A

This sub 10A hover can allow the use of high density low discharge batteries. The increased capacity vs weight will increase flight time. Flights over 1 hour are possible with special batteries such as the Panasonic 18650 or GEB cells.


check out this link for full build information for endurance quadcopter.

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