FPV Goggles Screen FOV Comparing Tool: Finding the Perfect View


FPV (First Person View) goggles have revolutionized the world of drone racing and immersive flying experiences. One crucial aspect of FPV goggles is the Field of View (FOV) provided by their screens. The FOV determines the extent of your visual perception and can greatly impact your flying experience. To help you make an informed decision, a valuable tool has emerged: the FPV Goggles Screen FOV Comparing Tool. In this article, we will explore this tool, its significance, and how it can assist you in finding the perfect view.

Understanding Field of View (FOV):

Field of View refers to the observable extent of the world seen through a device. In the context of FPV goggles, it is the area of your vision covered by the screen. A wider FOV provides a more immersive and realistic experience, as it simulates peripheral vision and enhances situational awareness. On the other hand, a narrower FOV may feel more focused and allow for better visual acuity.

The Importance of FOV in FPV Goggles:

Choosing the right FOV for your FPV goggles is crucial, as it directly affects your flying experience. A wider FOV enables you to see more of your surroundings, giving you a broader perspective and making it easier to navigate through obstacles at high speeds. It enhances your peripheral vision, mimicking the natural human field of view. Conversely, a narrower FOV may feel more like looking through a telescope, providing a focused view that can be advantageous for precision maneuvers.

Introducing the FPV Goggles Screen FOV Comparing Tool:

To aid enthusiasts in selecting the most suitable FOV for their FPV goggles, the FPV community has developed a user-friendly tool known as the FPV Goggles Screen FOV Comparing Tool. This tool allows users to compare the FOV of different goggles side by side, enabling them to make informed decisions based on their preferences and requirements.

Using the Comparing Tool:

The FPV Goggles Screen FOV Comparing Tool is typically web-based and straightforward to use. Here’s how it generally works:

  1. Open the tool: Access the FPV Goggles Screen FOV Comparing Tool website.
  2. Select goggles for comparison: Choose the FPV goggles you are interested in comparing from a list of supported models.
  3. Adjust FOV settings: Customize the FOV settings according to your preferences or choose predefined presets for quick comparisons.
  4. Visualize the comparison: The tool will display a visual representation of the FOV for each selected goggle. You can observe the differences in FOV size and shape, allowing you to make an informed decision.
  5. Consider other factors: While FOV is an essential aspect, don’t forget to consider other factors like resolution, latency, comfort, and price when choosing your FPV goggles.


Selecting the right FOV for your FPV goggles is a crucial step in enhancing your flying experience. The FPV Goggles Screen FOV Comparing Tool serves as an invaluable resource, enabling you to compare different goggles and visualize their FOV side by side. By utilizing this tool, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect view that suits your flying style and preferences. Embrace the power of technology to explore the vast world of FPV flying with confidence and precision!