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Building the BetaFPV X-Knight 5″ Toothpick: A Sub-250 6S 5-inch FPV Drone


In the world of FPV (First Person View) drones, the quest for smaller, lighter, and more powerful machines is never-ending. The BetaFPV X-Knight 5″ Toothpick is an exceptional example of technological innovation, offering an exhilarating flight experience in a compact and lightweight package. In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting journey of building a sub-250 gram, 6S 5-inch FPV drone using the BetaFPV X-Knight as our platform of choice. So, let’s get started!

Selecting the Right Components:

To build a high-performance sub-250 6S 5-inch FPV drone, it is crucial to carefully select the right components. Begin by choosing a powerful 6S-compatible flight controller, such as the BetaFPV F405 DJI, which offers reliable performance and seamless integration with DJI’s HD FPV system. Combine it with a capable ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) like the Holybro Tekko32 F3 Metal 65A, ensuring efficient power delivery and optimal motor control.

Lightweight Frame Design:

The frame plays a pivotal role in achieving a sub-250 gram weight while maintaining durability and structural integrity. The BetaFPV X-Knight 5″ Toothpick frame is specifically designed for this purpose, utilizing lightweight yet sturdy materials such as carbon fiber. Its toothpick-style design strikes the perfect balance between weight reduction and maintaining the necessary space for mounting the components securely.

Powerful Motors and Propellers:

To ensure exhilarating flight performance, equip your BetaFPV X-Knight with high-quality, lightweight motors. The BrotherHobby VY 2004 1850KV motors, paired with 5-inch propellers, provide an excellent balance between thrust, efficiency, and responsiveness. These components work together seamlessly to deliver impressive speed and maneuverability, enabling thrilling FPV flights.

Efficient Battery Selection:

Selecting the right battery is critical to achieving both lightweight construction and extended flight times. Opt for a high-capacity 6S LiPo battery, such as the Tattu R-Line 6S 1300mAh, which strikes a balance between power output and weight. With its optimized energy density, this battery ensures long flight durations without compromising on performance.

Lightweight FPV Camera and VTX:

For an immersive FPV experience, the choice of camera and video transmitter (VTX) is essential. The Caddx Vista HD Digital System, compatible with the DJI FPV system, offers exceptional image quality in a compact and lightweight form factor. Its low latency and high-resolution video transmission allow for precise flying and an immersive FPV experience.

Fine-tuning and Testing:

Once all the components are assembled, it is crucial to fine-tune and test the drone before taking it to the skies. Calibrate the flight controller, configure the Betaflight settings, and ensure all connections are secure. Conduct thorough range checks and test various flight maneuvers to ensure stable and reliable performance.


Building a sub-250 gram 6S 5-inch FPV drone is an exciting endeavor, offering an optimal balance between power, weight, and maneuverability. The BetaFPV X-Knight 5″ Toothpick, with its lightweight frame and carefully selected components, serves as an excellent platform for this purpose. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can embark on your own journey of constructing a thrilling FPV drone that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in a sub-250 gram configuration. So, gear up and take to the skies with your newly built BetaFPV X-K