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Course on GIS Mapping with Drone (Drone Mapping)

Welcome to all Members of the Blog and Youtube Channel

Its been a lot of time we havent written or posted much about any topics.

Now we are starting with a Online as Well as Offline course soon !!!

Online Course will be posted on Youtube : Rohit Fpv

Also the course syllabus will be as follows :

  1. What is land Survey
  2. What is Drone/UAV/GIS Mapping- Photogrammetry
  3. What are the outputs we get from Drone Mapping
  4. What is Orthomosiac Image
  5. What is PointCloud and 3D Model
  6. What are outputs are extracted from Pointcloud (DSM,DEM,DTM)
  7. What are topo maps and contours
  8. Workflow of Drone Survey and Accuracy
  9. What are the Terms GSD and GCP
  10. What is the difference between PPK and RTK drone
  11. What is front lap and side lap and how does it affect the accuracy
  12. What are the terms Oblique and NADIR in Photogrammetry
  13. Understanding the industry requirement and work expected in India for drone mapping
  14. How to select the equipment and height of flying with camera
  15. How to Plan Mission and which Software to use
  16. What is KML and how to make one
  17. Google Earth Installation and Basic tools
  18. Applications Support for Drone Mapping
  19. Drones Supported by Drone Deploy
  20. Features in Drone Deploy
  21. Mission Planning with Drone Deploy

The series will be continued as per the updates on the date of production.


So we feel this would be a great series for people who have drones right now and want to use them and earn good money and also for the people who would like to learn technical stuff.


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