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Softwares to use for GIS Mapping

Hey guys I am back after a very long time…
In this gone time i had been working a lot on GIS Mapping here in India.
We worked with a lot of vendors and government bodies for various different types of mapping solutions.
I have registered a company for UAV Solutions here in Mumbai : ThinkAerial Autonomus Systems Private Limited :
Well coming to the point this post if about the various softwares used for GIS mapping.
As i mentioned earlier we have tried and experimented on a lot of projects now made our custom UAV’s other than DJI and Fixed wings.
We got to test the data quality too due to which we had to try out various softwares.
Well GIS mapping Softwares are of two types: 1. Data capture 2. Data processimg

Data capture Softwares/Apps :
1. Pix4d – The GUI didnt intrest me much it seems old and i guess still the kml importing and continue of mission isnt supported yet.
2. DroneDeploy – Best application for data capture till now works on both IOS/Android also supports a lot of sub-apps supports kml and shp files for mission and allows to continue the mission when ever needed also you can manage different drones mission from a single account if you are a company
3. DJI GS Pro – This is a good application too but only works in IOS i suggest all begineers to go with Drone deploy though also DJI GS Pro has been carrying bugs recently the images gets missed by the application.

Rest for processing software will update soon as i get some free time to write about it stay tuned


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