Mini drones you can start into the hobby under 5k – 70$

Hey guys so this is a post i though to make while browsing i came across a list of products i found to be a answer to many of people i speak to…

major issue in the hobby is the money we spend and the rate at which we spend so today for those who have question such as … – how much will it cost?

  • which is the cheapest copter?

  • what is the minimum i can spend to enjoy fpv hobby?

  • do i have to buy a radio and fpv goggles?

Well today i have a answer to that i wont say much will just post the product links you can browse and check yourself all the copters are below INR 5000/- and $70 so enjoy… no longer you need to take care of budget..

  1. Eachine E10 c

2.  eachine eo1os


3. eachine tiny qx95


4. eachine 90c

5. MJX

6. eachine e013

As i have listed all the so called possible getting started cheapest fpv setups with radio and goggles and copter. which you will need to get started and get handson fpv experience ..

Do click on the link and also do check my youtube channel for giveaway :


NOTE: For Indian readers i would suggest do not import this drones as mostly they might get stuck in customs rather wait for some days they all will be in stock at


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