DIY Drone kit by Indian Startup Drona Aviation

Pluto Nano-Drone DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Quadcopter Kit with Rechargeable Battery Smartphone Controlled


So guys i came across this company named “Drona Aviation” a colleague of mine they have been doing awesome work in making drones available for all students and developers for programming and using their very own Flight Controller.

This is a only Rs.7000/- kit which can be very easily assembled in less than 10mins. and to be flew with a android or Ios app  named “Pluto”.

Pluto is a mini drone kit Drona aviation has been developing with their flight controller. Developer version is been provided or might be provided i guess only by contacting them directly you can check out their website : DRONA AVIATION


Small description of PLUTO is as follows:

Pluto is the perfect Nano-Drone for beginners and enthusiasts alike. It comes in the form of a DIY kit with all the joy of building it yourself and is very easy to get used to because it is controlled by a smartphone app which connects to the drone’s portable WiFi hotspot which is on board the drone’s Flight Controller. Its firmware is kept open source, giving you the freedom to experiment with its source code and achieve unique results from your Pluto Flight Experience. It weighs a mere 54 grams and can fly up to 100 metres with relative ease. Pluto’s flight control boasts of four advanced sensors. An Accelerometer, Barometer, Magnetometer and a Gyroscope. Pluto is a product that has been completely developed and designed by Indians in India. Contents of Box: 1) Frame Base, 2) Brushed 7mm Motors (4) 3) CW and 4 CCW propellers (4 each) 4) LiPo Battery 5) Prop Tool 6) Propellor Guards (4) 7) Pluto PCB, 8) Manual 9) Pluto Stickers (3)


You can buy PLUTO from here :



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