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How to install flytsim on ubuntu|FLYTBASE using Docker

So as you guys would know that i have been using flytpi since a while now i wondered if i can test the apps that i make without risking my setups… so i came across “flytsim” by flytbase.

FlytBase Store

Now if you havent seen the previous blog posts about flytpi,flytbase,drones applications check the below links:

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You can visit FLYTBASE and check the product and their work here : FLYTBASE

And you can visit : FLYTBASE STORE


Coming back to ubuntu installation :

Step 1: Visit this url and read all the documentation : HERE 

Step 2: Download the source files recently posted from here : FLYTSIM

After you have downloaded the files extract them to any place you feel appropriate i always keep all files on desktop on which i am working on.

Now you need to browse the folder and choose the OS that you are using in my  case i am using UBUNTU 17.04 so i opened Ubuntu and then choose the graphics that you are using i am using Intel graphics you can check that in software update section or “about this computer section” on the top right corner.

Software update section.


After clicking on the about this computer section.

As you see my laptop uses graphics based on Intel i will use Intel folder.

Step 3: Open a new terminal, and go to the directory where you have unzipped our latest release.


  • Get to intelgraphics directory inside linux directory.

    $ cd Desktop/flytsim-docker-0.2.0/linux/intelgraphics

    Copy paste this command if you are following the same way that i am doing it if your extracted folder is on the Desktop also you can rename the folder which you extracted to keep it simple.

  • If you are running Ubuntu, execute the script with sudo permission which would install docker and docker-compose on your machine. In case you are using any other flavour of Linux, please install them manually by following their individual guides from Docker installation guide

    $ sudo ./
  • Once setup is completed (or you have manually installed docker and docker-compose), start a sample docker example to make sure it is indeed setup correctly.

    $ sudo docker run hello-world

    STEP 4:

  • Start your FlytSim session by executing script, with sudo permission. This script would start a docker container running FlytSim app and also open a tab in browser pointing to http://localhost/flytconsole, once it detects a successful launch.

    $ sudo ./


    Since, FlytSim is running in its default configuration, you won’t get to see any Gazebo environment.

    Why don’t I see Gazebo GUI when I launch FlytSim?

    FlytSim is by default configured to run APM-SITL which is NOT Gazebo based. You would have to configure FlytSim to run PX4-SITL to get Gazebo GUI. Click here to know how.

    Suggestion to Users using JIO network for Internet:

    "If you are in India and working on a Jio connection i would suggest pls. switch to some other network or visit a friend who has a unlimited plan for internet i personally am trying this after returning home and my broadband plan is over and i didnt had any connectivity other than JIO.
    Well this does check for latest image on the server and downloads it roughly about 1gb of data is downloaded and as you know we only have 1Gb of data usually used by JIO users, so keep a check on that."

    So after the download procedure is compeleted give the terminal about a minutes time it will boot up FlytOS  and you will see a browser popup with new window opened in url : https://localhost/flytconsole.

    Now that its a simulator you cannot use all of the settings as its a simulation of actual drone connected to flytos so you can you some of the navigation api’s after activating your free copy by making a account @

So now thats for todays post will update how to use it and get the GUI console in the next blog post stay tuned and you can subscribe to get new updates from the blog in the pop-up that you see while browsing the blog.




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