How to make long endurance flying quadcopter/drone

As you see the title Best long endurance flying quadcopter, Here in this post i am going to list down a way to get about 70-80 mins of flight time from a quad setup and yes it is possible many of them have done it ..

Budget $450-$500.

Video at the bottom

Well i have made separate posts for individual motors, frame types ,etc.

For getting the best endurance out of a quad first we need to look at the weight to thrust ratio.

We will focus on the making the lightest frame possible.. best way is to buy some carbon fibre min. 10mm or bigger in outer diameter or you can use aluminum booms or wood as per the weight you decide.


Coming to the motors there are couple efficient motors out in the market specifically designed to give you more flight time longer than the usual quads that we make .. propeller size that we are considering here is the 15inch to 17inch bar. Visit here for motors : MOTORS

you can check the individual motor specs and choose the prop you want even though the best motor i feel among the 3 i found is Racerstar as it is cheaper than all others.


Also if you are concerned to get about a long flight of 40min and above i would suggest to go for a customised lion battery which would reduce weight and might be you can even add your payload as necessary.

While considering the batteries see to it that you choose wisely according to your purpose as LIPO takes less time to charge than a big LIon battery pack also the charger wires and connectors and stuff.


I would use a 16mm outerdiameter carbonfibre rod which is easily available in stores and on aliexpress even you can go for different motor mounts available for tarot frames.

Whatever you use see to it you keep the frame light.

Flight controller

In endurance long flight setups you always see to it that you keep less stuff onboard as possible less wires and that calls for a fc like DJI  NAZA  you can buy one from here  well it not only is less weighted with less wires but also it is very good in flight stability and provides you that stability you need to fly this copter for an hour or so …. 10min of flight is also tiring sometimes.


Will update this post soon as i get time to write and find out more intresting parts to share keep connected pls. share the blog as much as possible.


Update :

Have tried various combinations and wanted a frame and total AUW to be 3kg and less.

Designed and printed 3-4 designs for frame and motor mount not sure which one to use one of them is just 7gms and seems to work fine lets see…

will update with images and file links soon.

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