Quadcopter custom build with folding frame.

Recently as i am working on the quad setups of size 1600mm and 2000mm wanted to check all on the miniature drones first so thought to make a frame..

On surfing and googling “custom designed frames for Quadcopter” i got some intresting frames.. well now then i made one for myself lazer cut it and used screws the build is under process i will be using the following components:

2216 900kv Tmotor

18amp Tesc

Frsky x4rsb rx

Frsky QX7

Hubosd (PDB Only working)

Naza lite/V2/Pixhawk/APM have all of them lying of which naza is somewhat disy so it will be checked too.. for which the quad is made and if everything works good will confirm the frame and go forward with it ..

Now only thing left is putting up motor mounts and just the electronics i have a clone HUBOSD (Beware of clones, its better to buy a good one.. my osd isnt working and i can use it as a pdb on this frame).

Will update the progress here lets see…




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