6th of March 2017 DJI has filled the application for the trademark for the word mark “Spark”. Is  the DJI Spark going to be a new drone? -Most likely, yes. There was a lot of speculation about Phantom 5 coming soon, but seriously… it’s coming, but not any time soon. DJI has cannibalized the regular Phantom 4 with the release of the next generation just in less than one year and quite a lot of people was unhappy with that. DJI is not going to release a new product until the competition really will push it.

The next drone we are going to see will be DJI Mavic Standard, which will be a downgraded version of the original Mavic, featuring shorter RC range, less sensors, and non 4K camera.

What to expect from DJI Spark?

Let’s try to find some keyword associations with the “Spark”.
First of all spark is fast, secondly it’s small, and lastly it’s bright.

Photo by DRL

The name of the product is telling us that this will be an FPV Racing drone.  Unlike the world’s largest racing drone, DJI Spark might be even smaller than standard 250 range quads. We can clearly see that DJI has been preparing to this drone for very long time already. First they have opened a DJI Arena in Korea, then they have released a new DJI FPV Goggles, and then they have shown a DJI Snail propulsion kit.


Just in 2 hours after publishing this article 2 sources have leaked the images of new DJI Spark! First Henry Wang posted photos on Facebook, then SB-DJI has posted the same leaks.  Here are the photos of Spark:

DJI Spark
Looks like the DJI Spark is only about 13cm or 6 inch long.
DJI Spark
Look how small is DJI Spark in comparison with the wall plug
DJI Spark
Despite the size DJI spark will have a Gimbal. Still unclear if it’s 2 or 3 axis

Summary of what we know about DJI Spark:

  1. It’s tiny (13cm or 6 inch long)
  2. It’s not foldable
  3. It has a gimbal (not sure if it’s 2 or 3 axis)
  4. It has somewhat quick-charge connectors th the bottom
  5. It has VPS and Sonar sensors
  6. It can be charged with regular USB

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