Flying @Mahalaxmi Racecourse started again!!

Here we are after a long 8months of talk with all departments of legality and stuff we finally are allowed to fly and carry on our aero-modelling activities at Mahalaxmi Racecourse.

Basically everyone @ mahalaxmi racecourse use to work on models and aircrafts and students doing college projects and participating in various activities and events all over the globe..

Come to mahalaxmi Racecourse and test their models under guidance of seniors every helps each other in the process.

We being students were finding it hard to carry on the aero-modelling hobby and after invest a good amount of money if we werent allowed to fly then how would we submit our projects and carry on the hobby.

We are very happy to know that Racecourse is again open for all the members of the club to fly and practise aero-modelling we are very thankful for all those involved in making this happen for all of us ….

Some Glimpse of Yesterday’s flying session:



Somethings yet needs to be permitted …

Helis and Racing drones or Fpv related models…

Even then we arent allowed to fly drones…. ( Racing drones) of which the drones are flew at a high speed and under a height of 70-80 mts. which are in fpv pilot mode…

Now we see that many events for drone racing are coming up even in IIT’s and the recent event by IDRL @ MIT pune… i was a participant myself but due to lack of practise we couldnt compete with other participants… and hence it feels a waste when we are directly flying at such events…

Lets see hope for the best for the time been couldnt fly as may be other activities also gets a stop due the our flying of drones.

will keep updating here…

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