Hey guys just had hands on a cheap radio transmitter for the beginner’s in price range of Rs.4000/-

it supports a lot of functions and is a 6ch transmitter with display so that you need not connect it to computer to program it.

Usually students doing college projects should approach for such cheap transmitters rather than flysky Ct6b which is shitty and the gui is bad for beginners setting it up has always been problems for those who approached me for help … also i had to myself learn how to use it as i neva used a radio without display

Coming to the functionality and portability point of view it is a cheap but very functional with various new tech for long range of upto 1.5km and is slim in hands .

well the battery is a drawback of this radio transmitter but that can be overcome by custom lipo mod…

it supports 4AA batteries for now which seem to get down soon….

Check out the specs of this Radio transmitter here : FLYSKY I6X

To buy this transmitter you can write to us and mention your contact number on the contact us page : price for this cheap and best radio transmitter is just Rs.4000/- with rx.

Check out this video to know more :

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