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human flying drone -casey neistat

Casey Neistat does it all to fly on a Drone…

Even though there is been a hype about illegal use of drones and improper use of drones … Casey Neistat who is now working with CNN and some projects with Samsung 360 cameras took help of professionals and made a “Hexadecacopter” to be simple a 16 rotor copter which was designed professionally and controller professional…

Image the power of the drone to carry a human being..

Coming to how they did this … overview:

Big size frame custom build Carbon-fibre probably:

16 motor Hexadecacopter , 10feet diameter , 165pounds weight, has 32inch propellers,16 batteries.

Full throttle thrust – 1050pounds.

It consumes about 4000amps of continous current…. it can power a house of 40 hours.

Everything was done for professionals with good research time and practical experience was piloted by a skilled pilot who is professional flying custom rigs and not DJI like simple drones.. 😛


Casey has mentioned it all in the videos below do check the videos:

Casey neistat drone full video :

Behind the scenes for the Human drone shoot :



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