Clones are always what becomes a problem for a designer and a startup company who started it from the core took so much of pain and procedures.

Yesterday was reading through my facebook feeds and got to see that there were some TBS Triumps antenna clones out in the market some even sold on Aliexpress i was to buy those as those were cheap but looked original as per the name of the product it said Geniune Tbs antennas, Well i was lucky that i didnt spend any money on those antennas cause i saw that Trappy from Tbs posted on Facebook that those are clones and many stores coming up with clone products…

Although these products are cheap claiming or revealing that they are originals by name of the product or pictures all that appears original isnt original specially when you get it for cheap pricing.


This are the fake chinese clones Of Tbs triumps and are short and shiny which is the sign of fakes also the price is 10-15$ cheaper.

check out more links from aliexpress here : LINK1       LINK2

where as the original costs around 40$ for 2 antennas. ie: Rs.2800/-

Well how do we confirm that the products are original :

1.) Buy from Genuine sellers.

2.) If you know the producer of the product for eg. Tbs products you can contact them directly and ask if the products are original with the seller you are going to buy.

3.) Maintain good relation with Sellers and keep in touch with new products.

4.) Do not buy cheap products which are available at original website for more price than the mentioned price cause its obviously cheap. (Sellers who get bulk orders and sell also keep their margin and atmost sell the products at the retail price of the original site price).

Then i saw the post where Trappy got many posts where a hobby shop was claimed to sell clone props and clone triumps antenas.

Check link for more info: LINK

Coming to the next today saw a post from Jack Deng from BrotherHobby their new series of motors  Tornado T1 1407 is copied by racerstar as claimed by Jack.

Now these types of clones are something different they arent clones of Torandoes they differ in color and datasheet specs but the teeth structure is same on the shaft which makes it clone of the Torando as per him..

Well i dont want to speak about if it is a copy or not but have used Racerstar 22o5 2300kv which performed very nice…

At the price of Rs.2500/- approx. the motors performed very nice.

Well so its like am not supporting the clones or cheap production of motors and stuff but attimes the cheap clones do work great for the price they are… except for the antennas and esc i would say…

Some motor clones are also very bad like the ones on aliexpress emax rs 2205 which had bad magnet in the motors.

<iframe src=”” width=”500″ height=”403″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true”></iframe>

To buy the Racerstar Racing Edition 1407 BR1407 3500KV 2-3S Brushless Motor For 150 180 200

Buy from the below link : LINK1       LINK2

each motor costs Rs.600/- approx and 4 motors cost Rs.2100/- approx

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