Frsky Taranis Q X7 Radio


Just saw the Instagram post from Frsky and Horus Rc they have said that it would be sold soon on and soon gonna be launched.

Although there have been no rumor’s or no specs details of the Taranis X7.

X7 is gonna be smaller and lighter than the very famous Frsky Taranis X9d plus and cheaper.

With almost the same functionalities in the X9d Radio.

The display seems to be smaller than the X9d Radio although the whole radio design is difference and a advance look similar to Horus x12 is adapted.

The switches seems to be 3 on each side so total 6 but all this data is just from the images this all may differ on the final product is out .

All images on the post are downloaded from Instagram or official sources of the Radio.

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-1-38-58-pmhorusx12 taranis-x9d-plus

Well also dont know if the ‘X’ in the name does mean something or is just the nomenclature as you see the x12 horus was too big and bulky and Taranis X9d plus was way lighter and cheap so accordingly if we follow the same the X7 is gonna be smaller better and lighter with a way cheaper price..

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