So atlast the micro indoor category of drone which gives you the fun of Fpv without going outside and having any restrictions of flying and more fun to get indoor obstacles.

Well its been a week’s time i have been testing and flying this all 3 copters.

2 of which are assemble and fly and one is ready to fly juss have to bind it with your Radio..

All comes under the same price range of Rs.6000-7000/- in India if brought from website such as Bangood or Aliexpress it may take 30-40 days to reach with some customs or may even not reach you… but costs like 60-70$.

Coming to the comparison first would link the products to their individual specifications post and then come back to this post to read the actual difference…

Eachine Qx 80 micro quadcopter

Eachine Qx90 micro quadcopter

Qk 100 micro quadcopter

So, guys would start the comparison on the points i felt this might be a mixed review but i felt according to the price as they all are same budget quads i would say they balance each other in performance due to price.


Eachine Qx 80 micro quadcopter


Qx80 has a bad frame the carbon fibre is not of same thickness or it might be the only piece i got would be defective… well they wont go and fit in snug i had to file the cf center plate for a long time from all side so that they fit well.

Also the motors mounts those black bushing they gave with the kit wont fit in the place holder given on the frame so i would say the assembly took a lot of time due to filing and killed the fun of building it.

Eachine Qx90 micro quadcopter


As this is a BNF version there was no problem of building it although the frame is strong and good for the size. motors are good fit even though they have the same ball bushing motors came fit in the frame design is  different than that of Eachine Qx 80 micro quadcopter.

Qk 100 micro quadcopter


The frame doesnt has any assembly except the canopy which fits easily the Flight controller has a snug fit in the slots given on the frame.



Eachine Qx80 and Qx90

Battery that comes with Qx80 is the 500 mah 1s which doesnt have a voltage protection ckt. also you would know when the battery is down or it slags which you punch throttle too much so it takes time to recover the slag also the quality wasnt that good.

Qx has a support to 1s and 2s lipo depending on you choice you can solder the power pins on the Fc to change the voltage dividers and use 2s if you want some more fun i tested the quads on 1s.

Qk 100 micro quadcopter

Lipo that we get with Qk seems to have better life than the other kwads well it is 600mah and may vary as mentioned on the website you can put on any of lipos till 600mah i feel.


Motors in all 3 quads are same they are 8520 motors they havent mentioned as “chaoli” but seems as they all have the same motors and qk 100mm performs better seems they work good on 65mm prop or 100mm size .


 Qx80/90 has about 55mm props and are small sized similar to cheerson series. Props seems to break on dash with plastic also some props wouldnt just fit properly on the motors and would fly off the motors at time.

We get only 2 pairs of props with each set which makes you buy spares.

Qk100mm have good quality props of 65mm and yes i did crash and had dashed with plastic chairs the props didnt break but they did get bends on surface but i made them work by flexing them out super easy.

In this kit you need not worry about props you get 10pairs.


Qx 80/90 has a SP RACING F3_EVO_Brush but the qk100 has a N32 Brushed Controller (AlienControler F103) which didnt made much difference other than the lipo support ie: 1s and 2s in F3 and only 1s n N32.

Rest in functionality everything is same but would prefer F3 more than N32 depends on personal choice.


In Qx 80/90 the Fpv system is like the 25mw combo camera+ Fpv Tx attached as a chip and the antenna pops up at the top which makes it prone to damage or crash usually when i flew and went below any obstacles the antenna touched something or the other and came into the props eventually crashed and had to find the quad.

There are ways to protect or keep it in place as they are only secured by the rubber bands either a gel pen refill can be placed which is very handy or a 3d printed part can be put on which may increase the weight also incure cost and time if you dont have a 3d printer.

Qk100 mm this kit doesnt comes with a Fpv system and need to be combined into the order cause the kit is only for Rs.2650/- well the Fpv setup and all is linked in the detail specs link mentioned above.

FPV setup for Qk100mm well this something different like the canopy has a camera mount at the front and doesnt has a anntena hole to go straight up which ensures that antenna doesnt lets you crash also the antenna of Fpv isnt a omnidirectional i havent tested this Fpv setup i used the one with omnidirectional on the Qk100 quad.


In Qx80/90 and Qk100 we can use any of the Rx we want also on some websites we have a option to select in between Sbus,Frsky,etc. Also flysky rx have come out to be brought on Banggood.

Well the stock comes is Frsky micro Rx from Quadkopters for a price of  Rs.

So all are good to go as per me.


All kwads balance each other in one of the other way if price is kept as primary comparator qx has 2 batteries and 2 pairs of props where as Qk has 1 battery and 10 pairs of props, both components are atmost important when you crash well also the Fpv camera on Qx come from top which might be  a problem whereas that is sorted in Qk100

Also i found that Qk100 is better in flight and works great on 65mm prop which is in qk100.

So finally, if you want to learn how to assemble and fly i would say buy a Qk100 if you just want to bind and fly go for Qx90 as it is prebuilt just bind and fly which is great , as Qx80 is hectic if you dont get a proper cut Cf frame .

You can buy the kwads from the below links:

Eachine Qx 80 micro quadcopter

Eachine Qx90 micro quadcopter

Qk 100 micro quadcopter

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