Hey everyone this post is about the First Drone Race in India which was organised by IDRL (one martian way) with IIT Gandhinagar under IIT Amalthea well the dates for the event were 22nd & 23rd October,2016.

I have tried to put the whole day1 together in 20 minutes so try to be free when you watch it ..

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22nd was the Beginner’s Race so we all who arrived early tested our setups helped the everyone out there..

Most funny thing was we all have been talking to each other since years but we neva met and we didnt knew who was who 😛

Although it wasn’t that hard to figure out who was who either by talks or their flying 🙂 i was recognised by the cameras though 🙂 and named Chad Kapper 🙂 lol

Had great fun at IDRL would thank Karan who organised the event and venue and Priyanshu who managed each and every stuff from water to the frequency and DVR well we are asked not to upload the DVR till Amalthea release’s it so waiting for them but have sumed up most of the flights that i shoot from my cameras and recorded DVR from my goggles Fatshark Dom V3.



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