RacerCube Integrated F3 EVO 4 In 1 20A F396 ESC Frsky 8CH PPM/SBUS Receiver for X Racing Frame

Racercube is on preorder right now on Banggood and has various version.

This version comes for approx price of Rs.5000/-

The other versions are quiet cheaper and give options of using our own esc.

Weight: 23 g
Size: 36mm * 36mm * 25mm
Installation hole distance: 30.5mm * 30.5mm
Name Specification
F3 EVO Flight Control Integrated MWOSD and PCB board
Frsky Receiver Compatible 8CH PPM / SBUS,Integrated F3 Flight Control BLACKBOX Functionality and External Expansion Interface
Racercube LittleBee ESC F396 MCU 4IN1 20A*4

Suitable for 120-330 wheelbase multirotor frame kit, especially for X and Monster DIY frame kit

1. Ultra-light integration suite,PNP, do not need cumbersome wiring
2. STM32F3 chip F3 EVO flight control, support CLEANFLIGHT / BETAFLIGHT program
3. Built-in MWOSD, aircraft real-time data status real-time back to the FPV display or GOGGLES
4. Built-in SD card, integrated CLEANFLIGHT BLACKBOX function, PID adjustment more at a glance
5. Integrated FRSKY compatible 8-channel SBUS / PPM two-way receiver, FRSKY Taranis X9D and DJT / DFT / XJT tuner directly on the frequency can be used
6. Based on high-quality F396 MCU 4 in 1 ESC, support Oneshot125 / Multishot, support Damped Light function, can be directly configured by CLEANFLIGHT


Racercube is one of the upcoming product if you love wirefree setups and dont want to mess up soldering components and stuff.

Racercube has some different versions and even spare parts.

Racercube full version includes

1 x F3 EVO Flight Control
1 x Frsky Receiver
1 x Racercube 4IN1 LittleBee ESC
Racercube hence seems to be the best in market as you know most of the pilots globally use Frsky modules or Taranis Radio.
Racercube seems to be best for a package buy although there are kiss esc and similar much popular esc in market now these setup has little bees which are 4in1 setup and hence if you damage any one you need to change all 4 as a board.
But in racercube atleast you wont need to buy the whole package again just buy the layer off which ever you damage and ready to fly again.
As you see racercube has a STM32F3 chip so it does supports betaflight and cleanflight havent used it yet although seems be the a noob version as this is the first version.
As you see its on PREORDER i couldnt link any video about it and do not recommend any videos as we cannot judge till its out and people are using the Racercube.
The other verison is like it doesnt has escs and you can simply use esc of your choice
This version of Racercube has only F3 flight controller and Frsky Rx 8ch ppm rest specs are same as above.

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