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OLO – The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer

OLO’s technology is simple yet brilliant, because half of its hardware is already in your pocket, OLO makes it easy for anyone to print in 3D.

And because there are more than 2.2 billion smartphone users, at $99 OLO’s not just a 3D printer, it’s a game changer.


For the last two years we have been hard at work inventing OLO: perfecting its case, engineering its mechanics, and testing a completely new line of materials called Daylight Resins.

The final result is a beautifully designed, portable 3D printer that is easy to use – and at $99 OLO is a fraction of the cost of most other 3D printers on the market.

OLO makes 3D printing easy and accessible for everyone.

OLO’s clever technology is…

  • simple to use
  • light weight
  • stylish
  • social

… and, at $99, surprisingly inexpensive.


OLO is the first smartphone-powered 3D printer.

Simple and affordable, OLO uses the light from your smartphone’s screen to print 3D objects.

Because it runs on AA batteries, you can take OLO anywhere. Compact and light, it easily fits in a bag or backpack.  OLO can even come along with you on your travels with its very own optional, shock-proof, neoprene carrying case.




OLO works with flat screen smartphones of almost any size or brand, even large 5.5 inch displays such as iPhone 6S+ or Galaxy A7.  OLO turns almost any flat screen phone into a 3D printer!


OLO is compatible with most models and brands of smartphone and every major OS on the market. All you need is to install its app on a flat screen smartphone with a touchscreen.

OLO is compatible with iOS from Apple, Android OS, and Windows Phone. 


1. Select a model to print from the OLO App.

2. Pour the resin of your choice into OLO and close the cover.

OLO does the rest!



OLO’s design keeps ambient light out of its build chamber so that the white light from your smartphone’s display can harden the photosensitive resin inside OLO’s build chamber to print your 3D model.

 project video thumbnail

OLO also works with standard STL files.  See more sample prints and their .STL files further down on the campaign page.

Printed using an iPhone 6.

Print Time: 3 hours and 53 minutes.

Dimensions: 42mm x 20mm x 20mm.


You can use any 3D scan software, including Autodesk 123D Catch.  

Or you can create your own design from your favorite 3D software and import your .STL,.OBJ, or .PLY file to OLO’s app from your computer.



  • Breakthrough 3D printing technology: patents pending.
  • Beautiful design: elegant and seamless exterior.
  • Cloud-based software: easy to access, share, or privately store your designs.
  • Skill Level: beginner to 3D-printing expert.
  • X-Y resolution: up to 0.042 mm (depending on the resolution and contrast of the smartphone’s screen).
  •  Z resolution: up to 0.036 mm (or 0.12 mm in quick print mode).
  • Easy: to fill, print, and clean.
  • Portable + Ultra-light: OLO fits in your bag or in its optional shock-proof, neoprene carrying case.
  • Auto-leveling: no more manual leveling or calibration!
  • Quiet: almost silent, OLO is the among the quietest 3D printers on the market.
  • Goes anywhere: OLO is the first battery operated 3D printer.
  • Maintenance: with long-lasting actuators and no lubrication needed, OLO only needs to be cleaned after use, and its included build film replaced after every 3 prints.
  • Unibody: made of simple and durable technopolymers.
  • Resins: daylight photopolymer resins are available in 4 materials and 5 colors, including a castable resin for creating molds for metals such as silver and gold.
  • Print bed: flexible film allows for easy removal of your object.
  • Colorful: OLO is available in a limited edition Shadow-gray version for all Kickstarter backers.  Coming soon: Scarlet, Sapphire, and Silver.
  • Designed in Italy, assembled in America.  


Use exactly what you need to print. No more. No less.

OLO tells you exactly how much resin to use for each print.  Any excess resin can be returned to the bottle (after removing any debris) and used for future prints.

Start printing your first 3D object in 10 minutes. Charlie’s assistance with setup not included.


Are you a Jeweler? Designer? Engineer? Architect? Stamp builder? Dentist? Moldmaker? Student? Teacher? Maker? Tech Enthusiast? Inventor?

Do you have a passion for making your ideas real?

Then OLO is for you!

OLO is discreet

Thanks to its noiseless mechanism

OLO is cordless

4 x standard AA batteries


OLO is social

You can send OLO 3D MESSAGES


You can even send a surprise gift

to someone special

that can only be revealed by printing it!

Your custom designs are stored on our secure 3rd party servers, and you control the privacy settings for each design you upload.  OLO offers four privacy options to ensure your designs are shared if and how you want them to be:

  • Private: Only you are able to see and print your design.
  • Group: Only you and the individuals you specify are able to see and print your design.
  • Public: All OLO users are able to see and print your design.
  • Revenue: All OLO users are able to see your design, but it can only printed by users who pay a fee.

OLO and Gravity Sketch have teamed up to unleash the full 3D power of your smartphone; from sketching to printing, all on the same device!

OLO is for anyone

Make it special with an OLO gift pack

The perfect gift, also available in a twin pack.

Select the Gift Pack option for your pledge reward to have a beautiful gift box for your OLO printer and resins.

OLO goes everywhere

Protect it with an OLO pro-pack

Take OLO anywhere with its own neoprene, shock-proof travel case by selecting the Pro Packoption for your pledge reward. It even carries 2 bottles of resin.


We worked hard inventing, designing, and engineering OLO to be a simple, reliable, and affordable 3D printer.  We wanted to make it easy for everyone to experience the thrill of using technology, design, and art to create and print 3D objects.  OLO was created to inspire the world.

OLO / Design & Engineering

OLO is made of 7 plastic parts (2 of which are identical), one chip, and a motor.  We didn’t just engineer OLO to be easy to mass-produce, we designed OLO so that it would be simple to use and economical for everyone.

OLO seems to be the market killer among the portable other 3D Printers present right now in the market.

OLO needs support and just for 99$ you get a portable 3D Printer which you can take anywhere with just the help of your smartphone you can use the OLO Printer.

Well the resin might be a issue to be easily available also the print quality has been told to be good but as you know kickstarter’s are always prototypes.

OLO is seems to be the best when it comes in the market would for it as previous experience with the LILY my friend still didnt get his ordered product yet, so would wait for it to be in market also till then they would upgrade OLO to be more precise also being in India the Resins would be hard to find and ordering in bulk wont make sense without testing the Printer first.

I also own a Prusa i3 which is the best low budget 3D Printer to know more about 3D Printing visit : INNOLABS


FAQ : click here

Project Link : Click here



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