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Hey guys its time for the DJI MAVIC LAUNCH today at 11:30AM EDT,SEPTEMBER 27|NEWYORK.

Well with the recent launch of GOPRO KARMA and a hype about DJI Mavic in the market everyone is stuck upon this launch being the senior and trusted company DJI would launch something spectacular and very efficient system.

My personal view about DJI MAVIC by the test results and some prototype reviews is that DJI MAVIC is gonna be the best for the year 2016. We always need something that we can carry on with us for the trip even with DJI P3 it would just need a whole bag for stuff like batteries,Tx,Tab if you carry,Drone.

Well this should be all solved by MAVIC today expecting it to be at the best price would buy it soon as it lands the market.

There are few reasons to buy DJI MAVIC then a GOPRO KARMA as you see i have mentioned them already in some of the previous posts on the blog.

some of them are:

DJI started the company with producing Flight Controllers so they are the mastered the section GOPRO is new to the market and have made the FC for the first time to be in commericial use.

DJI has gained lot of trust and customers almost every drone guy has a DJI product may it be P3 or P4 or-else I1.

DJI has a tested system and a huge community support now, even there are lot of groups on facebook to help you out with any doubts you get GOPRO KARMA will also have it but will take time and migration of DJI pilots to karma or new pilots which is like a long procedure though as who wants to invest on a new piece of technology where you have to pay and test it 🙂

Coming to the release videos MAVIC would be live in 21 minutes from now and i would try to live blog it lets see…. KARMA didnt impress me that much but it has a catch of it gives the GoPro handheld gimbal handle with the drone hopefully but its not mentioned anywhere if they give it with the karma or not i assume they do.

So Its live now….. stay tuned….

check this link out for live broadcast : Here

DJI is Live now on and some youtube channels too check out its cool started with the introduction and their goals….

Update: Something about osmo mobile which they launched few months back…

Mavic doesnt needs a bag pack he juss removed it from his pocket its that portable wow!!!

Update: It is space efficient and 1/3rd the size of paper similar to a water bottle.

  • upto 27 minutes battery life.
  • additional sensors for flight stabilization.
  • 5 cameras to sense position of environment.
  • Redundant GPS.
  • 4k/12mp 3axis camera.
  • 24 computing cores.
  • Gesture control.

Even the remote is small and fits in the pocket

all though you wont want your pants to fall off would suggest carry a small bag 🙂 but surely as i said its better than a p3 or p4 in portablilty.

  • Hd feedback to remote
  • few minutes for ready to fly

Wifi control for downlink for short range connection between mavic and app from smartphone.

you can directly fly from the smartphone its super stable he just took off with one button takeoff.

Gesture control to follow me mode its best indoors too due to the 5 cameras its a very easy way to control the drone.

No need to carry the remote and keep looking in the mobile device or remote you can juss give  a gesture for taking photo and just give a pose no need to take pictures of yourself having a remote in hand.

Mavic knows where it is and mavic pro senses obstacles around it so that it has intelligent flight modes.

It also uses GPS and VPS (VISION POSITIONING SYSTEM) for autonomous flights.

Everytime it takesoff it takes a short video of ground underneath it and the gps position lock and hence when return to home is triggered it lands perfectly at the take off position.


  • with active track following you can just take any shots that you always wanted to take and would end up with missing the subject,MAVIC pro has algorithms to detect cars,people,bikes,etc it tracks and has different modes like circle and free orientation mode even while walking you can do those shots.
  • it also uses obstacle avoidance system while on roads to avoid lights and trees it doesnt all of those.
  • TRIPOD mode it decreases the speed and loosen ups the remote sticks to have the smoother shot everything is done with the photography in mind.


  • Drone Racing part of MAVIC…… SPORTS MODE…
  • Its like having a drone race although it wont be that powerful as anyother custom made or Lumiere motors and stuff but it reaches 40miles/hr speed and it still uses all sensors and GPS which is something new and usually we arent habitual to in Drone Racing.


2 x1080p displays with 80degree fov

HD sync with acusync from DJI

Can bind 2 DJI Goggles with one MAVIC PRO

Preorder has been started and shipping will be started from Mid-October.

They have a experience program at Apple Stores where we can go and check the technology.


MAVIC PRO IS PRICE AT : $749 (Without RC)

WITH RC : $999

FULL KIT $1299 : 2 batteries,extra props,Carrying Case.

Can be the best VLogging Camera Drone……



The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvass easily andwithout worry, helping you make every moment an aerial moment. Its compact size hides a high degree of complexity thatmakes it one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever. 24 high-performance computing cores, an all-new transmissionsystem with a 4.3mi (7km) range, 5 vision sensors, and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal,are at your command with just a push of your thumb or a tap of your finger.

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