well there as you know you have to carry a lot of Drone stuff to the place where you usually fly and even though you throw it all in your car and visit the place ..

You still have to carry the drone and all equipment’s with the battery packs to the flying spot, Its not always that your car would drop you off the spot always…

Coming to the point so we have to get  a bag now as you see many professionals share their bag packs and are customized for them from various baggage comapnies and so they are costly and sometimes may not suit your equipment…

Finding a drone bag for my requirements i came across a carry bag which was suitable and was perfectly made and even used by some drone pilots for the purpose.

Although the build material and quality is okie types but for $15-$20 i think this would be a good buy…

Still you can find some other bags too online @amazon or ebay i found this bag on banggood to be best buy so i brought it from banggood.

Well drones are something which needs other equipment like goggles specially for drone racing and then a number of lipos which you need to transport with proper care.

And finally the Radio you must watch the video above which may give you a idea of how you can utilise your equipment accordingly.

Always remember you must check all your equipment and plan it before buying bags as some may use box typed goggles such as Quanams or Eachine and some may be portable Fatsharks like goggles it makes a huge difference as after spending the money its no use to regret on space.




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