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This post is about my ongoing project on drones which can be used for multipurpose from surveillance to mapping and fertilization to land grading for agriculture use and some medical purpose below is the project abstract which i have made for the project it is been estimated to be done with full functionality till the next year it my final year college project.

Me and my project partners would be developing various software modules based on python and “C” language they would be later combined with a GUI as the project is self funded by us we would be making the initial prototype,

Also we are taking help of the open source technologies in order to cut short the time as we have to submit it within the first half and second half of our final year.

So this is the first draft of what we are planning to work on of which the drone is developed till date and now we are proceeding to the software part in which 3d mapping using open drone maps and matlab 2016 libraries is done till now with some bugs which would be reviewed and corrected till the next review.

An Implementation of Multi-purpose Multirotor

Project Description: Herein we will be constructing a coaxial in Y6 / IY6 Configuration. The Y6 / IY6 has 6 motors in a “Y” shape frame. Similar in shape to a Tricopter but it has two motors per arm, one above and one below (6 motors in total). It uses both Clockwise and Counter Clockwise propellers on the same arm, rather than a servo to enable yaw(right /left movement).This has been done in order to increase the payload capacity and stability.

To implement the “multi-purpose” functionality to the drone, we’ll be attaching detachable modules to perform the functions stated below.Sensors like IR ,NIR(Near Infrared Sensors) etc would be attached as and when necessary or depending on the current functionality.

Hardware Requirements: The list of components required are as follows

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

  2. Arduino Mega 2560 Board

  3. 400 – 1000kV brushless motors x 6 units

  4. 30 Amp Brush-less ESC x 6 units

  5. Flight Controller (APM,PIXHAWK,DIY Arduino)

  6. Multi-copter Frame (DIY)

  7. MPU 6050 (Accelerometer + Gyro)

  8. 8 – 15 inch propellers.

All above hardware requirements are variable with the final system and product.

Software Requirements: The Software requirements by the project are as follows

  1. A Mission Planner (an Open Source Software)

  2. Embedded C and C#

  3. OpenCV / MatLab for Image processing functions.

  4. Arduino software.

Applications: Drones have been used in the military, for commercial purposes, and for personal use, yet rules surrounded registration and laws remain vague.There are so many practical uses for this type of aircraft that it is almost a forgone conclusion that we will all be seeing more multi-rotor craft being used by law enforcement personnel in the very near future. Although herein we will be focussing our efforts on the following two applications.

  1. To use the drone for surveillance and to administer non-lethal force like teargas , pepper spray etc , if and when necessary: Some in the law enforcement community, but not all, think there may be a time where it may be appropriate to have non-lethal weapons on a drone—such things as tear gas, pepper spray, etc., where a drone will be able to fly into a location where somebody is firing from a concealed position or the drone would be able to drop a canister of pepper spray or tear gas to get a person to come out of hiding or to disperse a mob in a riot like situation.In India to bring a riot under control law enforcement agencies put a canister of tear gas in a launcher and actually fire it/project it, into an area. They do this procedure from a distant area with assumption that it will affect the targeted area, not knowing who or what is in that area. With a drone,the authorities could actually surveillance the area from far up and see who and what’s there, and accurately deliver it. The use of a drone would enhance the ability to put resources in the right spot at the right time.In the case of using a drone for surveillance they can locate wanted subjects, or reconstruct crime scenes or motor vehicle crash scenes. They can respond to natural or manmade disasters where we need a quick aerial analysis of what’s going on.

  1. Use of drones in Agriculture: A drone typically equipped with multiple sensors like NIR(Near Infra red),IR,Red-Edge Sensor etc. would be made to fly above a farm land . Since the Drone captures images in different wavelengths large amount of useful information such as soil property & moisture analysis, crop health/stress analysis, water management, erosion analysis etc can be collected and then sent for further analysis .Thus the use of drones in this field makes the whole process of agricultural analysis must faster and efficient.

  1. Using drones for the purpose of 3D mapping: The advantages of using real 3D information in which a realistic view is created of a certain region on earth are numerous , going further than the simple notion of cost effectiveness.To accomplish this task a drone would be made to fly over a patch of land , a mission planner software will guide the drone using waypoints, and in doing so th drone will capture images at regular intervals .After the completion of the flight the collected data in the form of images will be stitched together using open-source software like Pix4D to create a 3D view of the terrain.

  1. Drone for Medical Purpose: As we know there are many death cases in india due to delays for the ambulance to reach the target location and hence we are developing a system so that the drone can takeoff from any nearby host location and it can reach the patient in order to inspect the patient and doctor can see the patient from the drone cam and guide the people around if any precautions or emergency steps to be taken if the ambulance is late and there would be emergency medicines kept in the module with a defibrillation machine in case if needed. Hence the chances of patient surviving would increase.


The sample of what i would be getting as output in the 3d mapping and geomapping software or server based application would be similar to the below link: (  is my own website too well the below data and project is done by me on a project with Brainwing Ltd. these company works on customised aerial solutions check the website for more details the below data is from a piece of land which we together worked on for mapping and compiled together).

These data is subject to only giving example and copyrights lie with us so pls. do not misuse the data.

You can explore various maps via the square on the right corner of the windows such as : Elevation maps,NDVI,etc this was a test module and is of low resolution due to less server load.

geomapping test module

Thank you for going through our project if you have any ideas and would like to suggest about the project we are open for that pls. visit the contact us page and let us know about it….

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