This is where you’ll find all the latest Mavic info you need before and after the release. Updates will be provided whenever new info is leaked or released into the public. Info will be shown from newest to oldest. A possible relese date is the 27th, but this could change.

GoPro has finally announced their Karma Drone which is a direct competitor to the DJI Mavic in every way. Here’s what we think about the Karma. Also new Mavic images are appearing on the web again. If you would like to see the new images, some users have posted them in our Facebook group.

The official teaser has been released by DJI and it looks amazing. We’ve taken the time to analyze the video frames and uncover a bit more details than the teaser video will show.

According to the website “”, DJI has Just sent out invitations to the media for an upcoming press event in New York City. The date for the event is September 27th. supposedly, the teaser wording in the invite was “adventure at your fingertips” and “rediscover adventure with DJI”. This appears to be the official announcement for the Mavic which means that the release date has been moved back to the 27th instead of the 15th. If all of this is true, we might have to wait a few more weeks for this amazing drone.

If you would like to see other Mavic images, ask questions and be notified of date changes, join the DJI Mavic Facebook group for the latest info possible.

This next Image came from a DJI Phantom user forum and it shows off a lovely side profile of the drone. We will have to wait for the announcement for official details, but there seems to be two new circular plates with new sensors inside of them. Since they’re located on the bottom of the drone, they might be a replacement for the ultrasonic sensors (for measuring hight) found on the Phantom 4. My best guess is that they are switching to a laser LIDAR altimeter. This could increase the Mavic’s hight holding ability at altitudes of over 50 feet.

I also noticed what looks like a plug on the side of the drone. This could just be some kind of vent, but I’m hoping it’s an accessory port for mounting lights, other cameras and who knows what else! It wouldn’t be surprising if they did this seeing how the 3DR Solo had similar functionality.

Another new DJI Mavic photo has been leaked. This new Image shows much more details in the front section of the Mavic. It looks like there are two cameras on the front for obstacle avoidance, just like on the Phantom 4. The main video camera looks very different from the previous photos. The camera and gimbal both appear to be protected by a tinted spherical shell. It almost looks like the shell is there to protect the gimbal from getting destroyed when crashing or to make the drone more water resistant? Also, after seeing this new Mavic image, it’s easy to see how the arms will fold out. The front arms swing out from the aircraft body horizontally, where as the back arms swing out vertically.

New photos have been leaked from! I’m not sure who the original source is, but the image below came from Quadcopter Guide. This time we get to see what looks like a full body shot of the Mavic. These new images match up perfectly with the original battery leak, which means there will not be a FPV drone from DJI in the near future. The DJI Mavic appears to be a small foldable camera drone, aimed at consumers who want to take drones with them everywhere they go.

Although not as exciting as a racing drone, I can completely understand why DJI would release a drone like this. There’s a growing market for drones that are smaller and easier to operate, and companies like Yuneec have already announced their solutions which will be available for the holidays. Just like with computers and cameras, the smaller drones get while still being useful, the more people will use them.


Recently, there has been info and pictures floating around the internet that point to a possible new kind of drone from DJI. We aren’t 100% sure what this new drone will be, but based on the info that has been leaked, I’m guessing it’s going to be a small FPV racing drone called Mavic.

Drone racing and general FPV drones are becoming extremely popular this year. It’s only a matter of time before they become just as big of a deal as the video drones everyone uses, and DJI knows this. In the last few months, DJI has been coming out with various ESCs (electronic motor speed controllers) designed specifically for professional racing drones. On August 1st, DJI announced that they opened their first drone arena in Korea, a drone course for corporate events and drone racing. Now we’re getting info suggesting that a new drone is due for release. All of the signs are here!


So far not much is known about the DJI Mavic, but here are some leaked pictures which could represent what the Mavic batteries look like. Based on the writing in the picture, this particular battery is a 3S 11.1V 3850mah pack with an integrated charging and discharging circuit just like DJI’s other smart batteries. If you fly FPV drones then you’re probably thinking 3S is not enough power, but don’t worry. Although a 3S battery wouldn’t be optimal for a racing drone, since the capacity is so large (3850mah) they could always have a smaller capacity 4S or 5S battery for people who want lots of power instead of flight time.


On August 15th, DJI trademarked the name Mavic. Usually when DJI trademarks new names this means that they are coming out with a new product, and after looking at the trademark description it appears to be a new drone.

In the first sentence of the description for the trademark, it says “Software for the development and operation of robotic devices, drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and remote control (RC) aircraft.” This is exactly how the descriptions are written for DJI’s other drone trademarks like the Inspire 1 and Matrice for example (DJI’s pro level drones), which is why I believe that the Mavic is a new drone (not software or an accessory).

There’s a lot of items mentioned in the trademark description that cover all of the potential uses for the Mavic name, but what sticks out to me is where it says “signal lanterns being luminous safety beacons; aerial antennas; acoustic sound alarms and alarm sensors; personnel tracking devices; goggles for virtual reality” which (to me) clearly sound like components that would be used for drone racing.

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