In this post guys am going to list all the Fpv goggles and some of them which are best for the Budget…

For budgets lets make 3 budgets categories:

1.) Rs.5000/- and less

2.) Rs.20,000/- and less

3.)Rs.30,000/- and above

So starting with the first Budget category i hope you have read all about goggles or watched some videos on YouTube about all goggles out there in market. check this blog for goggles

All recommendations are as per my experience so might happen that you prefer something else.


So starting the first category well in this price all you can expect is a 7inch lcd display and a cheap VRx but yes Eachine has made it all nice for about 70$ ie: Rs.5000/- They give us more than what we expect and a highly immersive goggle Eachine VR D2 5 Inches 800*480 40CH Raceband 5.8G Diversity FPV Goggles with DVR Lens Adjustable   although you get it for around 7k with landing in India but the actual price is to be approx 5k.

well the features you can visit back to this post to be short it has a inbuilt diversity Rx with DVR which is something that wasnt available some months before and we used to use quanums which were totally diy foam box with magnifying glass and had some fitting issue on the nose and face. Additionally it also has a tripod support which is in the goggle it has a 3/4 nut by which we can use this goggle for ground station as well and for spectators who wish to see what we see.

To understand what Diversity is you may refer : Diversity Rx

These are some specifications of the goggles:

Eachine VR D2 5 Inches 800*480 40CH Raceband 5.8G Diversity FPV Goggles with DVR Lens Adjustable

Brand name: Eachine
Item name: VR D2 FPV Goggles
Screen size: 5 inches
Screen resolution: 800×480
Frequency channel: built-in 40CH 5.8GHz Auto search receiver
Battery : 2S 7.4-8.4V Lipo battery
Battery work time: 2.5-3 hours
Operating current: 600–750mA
Receiver sensitivity: -95dBM
Antenna connector: RP-SMA
DVR Max Support: 64G TF Card
Goggles weight: 294.7g (without antenna)
Antenna weight: 29 g (Flat: 13g, mushroom: 16g)
Dimension(mm): 150 X152 X96 (without antenna and antenne mount)

With white noise and snow screen
Dual receiver to get strong and steady signal
Support Lens Adjustable
Built-in DVR function, record every wonderful moment and replay
With comfortable face sponge
With accurate capacity, 7.4V 2000mAh Lipo battery consists of 2 x 18650 battery
Bulit-in low-voltage alarm function, when the battery volttage is below 7V, the buzzer alarm
Support one key into power saving mode


So, coming to the second category of price range of about Rs.25,000 ($350-360).

I would suggest anyone who has this budget pls. go and buy the previous category or invest more upto 30k and get good goggles,As goggles are something which you would only buy onces and they wont stop working years till you damage or drop them.

Although for this budget i would suggest get teleporter v3 or any used goggles you can get in the market or from you friends goggles in this price range usually come with less modularity and less functions it doesnt usually have DVR and has a raceband Rx usually if going with the Fatshark series. If you wish to buy a boscam goggle they are good i have been using Boscam GS923 at times which is my friends i have even used the first generation Dominator v1 but they all are very basic and to be true i prefer Eachine Vr D2 which are cheap or even you can opt for quanums v2.

Well  for the category the best goggles i would say is Teleporter V5


Make your first FPV experience simple and fun. The Teleporter V5 is a full function, self-contained FPV goggle that includes FPV features normally only found on higher end models. To start enjoying FPV, simply power the goggles with the included battery pack and connect the transmitter/camera to the balance lead of your onboard RC LiPo battery pack. The Teleporter V5 features digital head tracking technology that eliminates the need for special RC radios as the display can zoom in on the image while the head tracker controls the viewing window (works best with a wide angle lens on a fixed camera). The head tracker also supports traditional pan/tilt servo mounted camera with trainer-equipped radios.

Large virtual image (25° FOV, diagonal)
Crisp QVGA resolution display (320 X 240)
NTSC/PAL Auto Selecting
Precision 9DOF 2-axis Head Tracker
Integrated 5.8G, 7CH NexWave RF Receiver
Head tracker works in conventional mode (trainer radio) and digital zoom mode (no special RC radio required)


So the final category for PRO fpv pilots obviously  is Dominator v2 HD and the Dominator v3 HD for now the V3 arent produced and released they will be soon in the market by the end of October well the FOV would be decreased in the V3 which is obviously the issue in the currecnt HD v2 for some people having negative lens, its not a issue its a problem for people with negative lens.

Coming to the point you have 2 options right now at the present market being Dominator Se been released these are the goggles for someone who wants to save serious money dom Se are the perfect goggles if you arent flying Hd well Dom HD v2 has some quality advantages over the Dom Se but even though they are cheap in India the dom se would cost you around 30k where as the dom v2 will cost you around 36k.

There are some other differences too withing these 2 models but these are the best for now, even the dominator v3 are good but they have a aspect ratio of 16:9 and you would get a strecthed image if using a 4:3 camera.

You can refer this post for all comparison and its very evident and if you have a budget of around Rs.40,000 you can read this post for more details.


If you wish to buy Dominator Se or Dominator Hd V2 in India you can contact me here.


Conclusion – Which are the best FPV Goggles

I started flying FPV with a cheap 7 inch LCD monitor for over 6months, before making the switch to a Fatshark Dominator V3. Although I was happy with the monitor, I enjoy FPV even more after I started flying with Goggles for the truly immersive FPV experience. In my opinion the FPV goggle is not a necessary investment. If you are on a tight budget, a small screen can get you started flying just fine.

I like the features and quality offered by the Skyzone goggles, they also support diopter lens inserts, the same ones as the Fatshark which is a plus for a nearsighted people. However their screens are a bit too wide for me with 16:9 resolution. Since I use 4:3 FPV cameras on all of my rigs, I don’t like the stretched picture. But I am sure it’s just a matter of time getting used to it.


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