What is diversity receiver?

It is a Rx with 2 connections for Reception it listens to both the antennas at the same time and the one that’s getting that best signal it couples it with the display in which you are looking through, so to get a good range and reception what you can do is ┬áto put a circular polarised antenna at one side.


Features of CP (Circular Polarised) antennas :

  • Omnidirectional
  • Shorter Range

And on the other side you can use a Patch or Helical antenna which gives a higher gain.

  • Higer gain
  • Narrow Range
  • Longer Range

First thing that we get is the cone that is coming out of the front from the helical or the patch antenna that gives us the range and we have a nice bubble for reception around us cause the other antenna is omnidirectional. So that means we can fly a nice and close and as we push the drone further away we increase the range.

So what next we can do with diversity you can measure the range and site you are going to fly and use the particular antennas and place them according to the flying style and have almost 40% of the sky  covered with the dual antenna range so that if one of them looses signal the other covers it up.


So thats what a Diversity Rx is giving you the advantage to have the signal all the time and place the antennas in a position so that each can cover more area respectively.

For more about antennas : Antennas


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