So guys  this is a common question by anyone who has just made a scratch build copter or a buggy.

well getting a video down-link,i.e. Getting the camera output at ground station on a display is called FPV setup (FIRST PERSON VIEW).


There are 2 sides of a typical FPV setup Tx side and Rx side which generally is a way to cut off the wires in between a normal camera and a screen.

Also most of the things will be self explanatory due to the descriptive images themselves.

Note: In FPV setups always a Tx has a power at which it transmitts the signals usually it transmits at 5.8Ghz but the power factor matter much and the second thing which comes is antennas well power of a VTx(Video Transmitter) is measured in “mw” (milli-watt). For instance for a distance of 500-800 mts a 200 mw tx is good to go with and similarly you can get a VTx till 2000 mw ” more the power more the battery it will need and better the reception”  ,  “more the power the more directional it gets” ,Now you will ask what about the Rx why not keep the Tx small and improve the Rx well for now the Rx doesn’t has any power but it has reception antennas you can you diversity setups for good reception. You can read about the Diversity here : DIVERSITY RX


There are mostly 2 types of setups that can be done in FPV setups.

One is the normal cctv or fpv camera which is connected to the FPV Tx and battery connection is given to Tx.


You can ignore the extra adapters mentioned in the image you can directly solder any wires to the correct respective port on the VTX.

Coming to the other setup that i mentioned other setups are for High Quality downlink which can also be HD.

fpv-gopro fpv-yi

You can also use Gopro series or clones such as Xiaomi Yi for FPV down-link well then but you wont get HD down-link even if you use a HD camera as the FPV setup inst made for HD down-link well there is a solution for that also some of the companies have made a HD downlink and but they are very expensive and only used on commercial big rigs which carry “RED EPIC” like camera.

“In this hobby as the feature increases the cost increases thus burning our pockets.”

Well so you can just make the cable or buy a ready cable for the camera you are using if you are using a CCTV camera that wont be issue for you but if you want to record in HD and get a downlink for reference of what you are shooting you can use Gopro or Xiaomi Yi camera from which the usb port acts as output for the down-link to FPV TX, here if you think that the only way to record the footage no thats not the only way suppose you have a gopro on the drone and its connected to the FPV Tx as shown in the diagram you can record in HD and get down-link in the normal way its that simple but what if you have a cctv camera and you want to record the footage cctv camera dont have that system. Well you can Buy a DVR and connect it to the RX end so that you can record the footage that you see Live only thing is that the live footage isnt that clear and may have static lines at times depends on surroundings you are flying and interference.





This is the typical used fpv setup on any system may it be a drone or buggy well you can make out that the cctv camera is connected to the fpv tx which is genereally above 2000mw if used professionally to avoid interference and others that are used for projects and hobbies are 200mw-600mw. This tx is then connected to a battery or lipo of sufficient voltage that the tx is rated at.

All FPV setups are mostly based on 5.8Ghz and some places where 5.8Ghz is a issue due to interference the frequency is switched to 2.4Ghz and control radio frequency is switched to 1.2ghz or other which is best suitable at that location.

So the next part is Fpv Rx which is the down-link part kind off the component which receives the signals and gives it to the display so that you can see what the camera see’s so basically you are at the pilot seat.

There are 3 ways to get the downlink and some good equipments to get the downlink:

1.) LCD display with 5.8Ghz Rx

2.) LCD with integrated diversity Rx.

3.) FPV Goggles.

Starting with the first one.

As i already mentioned above how the display is used to connect the Rx.


FPV Rx gives you the general 3 audio video and ground pins out and the power out you can connect them to any lcd you want the lcd which you can see above generally has all 3 pins or composite pin which takes all 3 inputs in 1 pin.

Coming to the second case now the FPV display with Diversity Rx.

To know What exactly the Diversity Rx is Read these : DIVERSITY RX


So in this LCD it is the simplest way to get the downlink and you can directly use this with any Radio Tx just place it on the Tx lcd holder and you are done this LCD has a inbuilt battery and diversity Rx.

You can use spironet one side and the other can be directional patch antenna depends on you to get full reception.More about antennas here : TYPES OF ANTENNAS AND WHICH TO USE?

Finally coming to the third and last type of Rx which is Goggles well i have mentioned everything and all types of goggles in details you can visit this link to know about them in detail : FPV Googles


So guys if you want to know something which i missed out or you can comment below or contact me from the contact us page.

Thats all for the topic that I have for now!!! Refer other topics for more details on the blog.

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