Hey guys always on the shoot i have been wondering it would be fun if i could share the experience with my friends live when am flying.

Well DJI heard it and they launched a DJI live on Facebook with the new app update they launched it .

Well they also support live on youtube and weibo where you can have many others plugged into your live stream also there is a option for customs (RTMP)

well this custom option is for those who want to keep it private and live broadcast only to a particular link they want.

This upgrade has killed it all now everyone can enjoy the experience of flying high and live feeds.

comments block the screen as soon as people start commenting on the live broadcast so remember to either get a I-pad or a big screen tablet before you turn the commnets on ..


It supports live audio also for the pilot to describe the situation or the flight the audio isn’t from the drone but its from the phone that’s connected to the remote.

live broadcast is at low quality “720p”  it eats a lot of internet remmeber to be in wifi or a good 4G plan.


There are some glitches with the app and even after the broadcast is ended facebook couldnt detect the broadcast is ended so needs some tweaks though not a issue.

Although you can do this broadcast at a good quality if you can get the downlink with the HDMI connected and broadcast it via laptop or a WiFi system.

Stay tuned will be posting a live flight soon … on my channel….

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