Which are the types of Fpv Goggles available??

There are 2 types of Fpv goggles one is the boxed shaped that covers your whole face and the other is more portable which just seats on your eyes.


Boxed shaped                                             Goggles

Well the boxed shaped goggles has a big screen and huge screen infront of the eyes where as the portable fpv goggles have a screen kinda of 4:3 or 16:9 in some goggles placed far from you at a distance you need to concentrate and fly in the portables.

Each has thier own specs and comfort.

Lets consider boxed shaped to be quanum goggles or headplay and portables to be Dom v3 or Hd v2 (Fatshark Brand)

now both goggles have their own drawbacks…

Quanums are big,they rest on your nose and can be connected to any lipo as its totally diy well it gives you a huge screen and emmersive feel although you need to something traverse through the whole screen and find a way out while flying, Due to the big screen.

Similarly the Dom v3 are portable and has a place to hold small battery which can be replaced by a bigger one if you are okie with carrying a lipo in your pocket while you fly, the emmersive feel is okiesh w.r.t quanums the display screen is at a distance from you and you have to focus on flying much than exploring .

Coming to some expections as you know most people prefer portable goggles if you have specs and the optics for you eye lens isnt avalaible you need to use bigger goggles with your specs on as dom or any other portable wont take your specs in to the goggle frame, secondly the space given for each thing like Rx and lipo is fixed and limited on the portables which make them portable.

Well this is was summary about the 2 major available goggles if you want to know more :

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