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What are Fpv Goggles???


FPV(First-person view) flying is an incredible experience. You can experience what it’s like to fly like a bird, zoom through your own personal roller coaster doing flips, rolls, crazy maneuvers.

FPV  (First Person View) It is basically having the pilot view of you drone sitting or standing at one place you can move around the nature having the pilot experience.

Well these is video transmission technology that allows you to transmit via a camera and Fpv TX to you base station or Fpv Goggles which has a Rx synced and tuned to the same frequency.

Also coming to the Fpv Goggles these are goggles with small optics and lcd panels which give you a immersive experience of flying in the sky.

Well this Goggles come in various patterns and various specifications more about it here : Which are the types of Goggles available??

What do you need to know while buying a Fpv Goggle : here



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