Greg French (owner of Fatshark FPV) used the 2016 US Drone Racing Nationals to unveil his newest offering. He calls it the Fatshark Dominator SE (Limited Special Edition) and it is beautiful! Its black and orange design reminds me of the Bugatti Veyron SS, but don’t let that fool you. This product won’t cost an arm and a leg. Similar specs to the Dominator HDV2 but at around $200 less. This should put it in the $349USD ballpark. It’s also being offered with a spironet antenna making it a first for FatShark (normally FatShark only includes dipoles).

The Dominator SE features a 0.44″ VGA LCD display set to provide large Field Of View (FOV) goggles at a fraction of the price of the popular HDV2, used by most of the top racing pilots around the world. Using analog video the image quality difference between the Dominator HDV2 and the Dominator SE will be almost imperceptible. The orange and black colour scheme makes these goggles stand out in the crowd.

Fatshark has included the latest DVR technology with these goggles. Automatic file saving even if you forget to stop recording before disconnecting your battery.

In terms of battery, it comes with a 2S 1000mAh however it is compatible with a 3S lipo. Word on the street is that a nice high capacity battery is on the way from an after-market manufacturer (more on that to come).


  •  59-69mm IPD range (adjustable with sliders on the bottom)
  •  VGA 640×480 LCD Display
  •  NTSC/PAL auto signal selection
  •  Modular Heat tracker bay (No head tracking module included)
  •  Modular receiver bay
  •  DC In: 7-13V for 2S or 3S batteries
  •  Integrated DVR.

Available on  buy here : Dominator Se

will also be available in India in few weeks stay tunes for more news comment below to know more..

Available in India now want to buy :   buynw


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