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These thread is specially for them who wants to know what are the Aerial Photogrpahy rigs used in the cinematic shots and professional drone shots which cameras they use.


What are the types of drones used for Professional Camera Drones?

There are various types of drones used in Proffesional work some of them are :

Custom build : Coaxials,Octacopters.

Arf: Align setups

Product: DJI  , Yuneec Typhoon,etc.


How do they choose a particular Drone for a Specific Shot?

well regarding the drone these are typical points to be noted while choosing a particular drone:

1.) Flight time

2.) Portability

3.) Type of shoot and requirement.

4.) Location

5.) Camera output.

Well based on the above specs a specific camera and a drone is selected

For eg: suppose its a part on a yacht and the owner wants to film it, now the pilot has to think about the requirements of this scenario.

Any of the above mentioned or professional drones atleast shoot 1080p 60fps so the basic requirement of output is not to be concerned in this case.

Portability of the drone in this case is to be taken care of as the big rigs wont be able to to land on the yatch if needed a battery change.

So basically all those points need to be taken care off and dealth with.

How much difference is there in a custom made and a ready Product?

Some rigs have no difference in terms of camera such as a custom made quadcopter and a DJI or Typhoon irrespective of design and integration the functions are same.

Whereas some rigs such as octacopters and coaxials are capable to lift red cameras and payload upload 3kg to 5kgs.

Well again as the payload increases the flight time decreases and thus need more space for landing and take off.

But the output of both AP rigs differ a lot in quality and risk of flying is high in custom rigs as they cost 10times that of the DJI Product.

Well I hope this solves all your doubts about Professional Drones, there are many other drones and setups used will elaborate them later in other post… DO comment to notify me if I need to add more…


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