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The New PerspectiveDJI Phantom 3 Professional GPS Drone
You are looking at the Third Generation of the famous Phantom Series, the latest Phantom 3 – the Smallest Portable Aerial Filming Platform ever invented. The Phantom 3 has Two different versions, the Professional and the Advanced edition, the Professional edition has a 4K Camera and the Advanced edition has a 1080P HD Camera, depends on your needs.

The Phantom 3 Professional is a All-in-One Flying Camera, you just need to clamp a Smart Phone or Tablet onto the RC transmitter and you’ll get real time video feeds from the drone, you have nothing need to worry about or setup anything, fully Plug-and-Play, it’s not a product made for hobby guys or professional guys, it’s a easy to use Flying Camera for everyone, even for the first time flyer. The drone itself has a super smart Main Controller which collects data from the entire system, including motor speed, GPS location, 6-Axis Gyro data, your command inputs, and data from automatic sensors, and analyzes it all to tell your Phantom 3 exactly how to behave at any given moment, giving you the smoothest and most stable flying experience. The upgraded Fail-Safe feature will bring the drone back home when low-battery, this is especially good for beginners.

Following the successful Phantom 2, DJI focused on the “Video” section, the Phantom 3 Professional has a built-in 4K camera with no Fish-eye effect, which means you don’t need to edit the video afterwards to get rid of the distorted image, and greatly improved the Video Feed system, you just need to connect a smartphone or tablet with the RC transmitter, and there you’ll have 720P real time video feeds up to 1km range, this is the “Lightbridge” technology on the high end DJI products, this time they put it on the Phantom. Having good video quality is not enough, the Phantom 3 comes with the benchmark 3-Axis gimbal, giving you Pixel-grade stabilized video, no matter how you fly the drone, you’ll still have perfectly leveled video, and you can control the camera to tilt angle with a dial on the RC controller, all these will be a tool to express your creative mind.

Another interesting feature is the DJI Pilot App, thru the smart phone or tablet you can see the video feeds from the drone and gain control of the camera, to tilt up and down, to start and stop recording, and by pressing the icon on screen you can give command to the drone, such as Auto Take Off and Auto Return Home. Quick Video Editor allows you to choose the best moments from your flights and build a complete video with music, text, and even more – Streaming the Video from the Phantom 3 (while it’s still on the sky!), live on the YouTube and share with everyone, something like a news guy reporting live in somewhere….. And the feature we like most – a Flight Simulator, you can actually use the RC Controller to control a 3D drone on the smartphone screen for practice, how’s that for first time player?

The Phantom 3 is made for everyone, the technology has done the most difficult part for you, all you need to do is take her up, let her fly and enjoy the view, in beautiful 4K.


What’s good about the Phantom 3 Professional?

  • 4K Video, 12 Megapixel Photos
  • Easy to Fly
  • Live HD View
  • Dedicated Remote Controller
  • Powerful Mobile App
  • Upgraded Battery Charger
  • Vision Positioning for Indoor Flight

HD Video Feeds on your Smartphone or Tablet
DJI has put their high end “Lightbridge” technology on the Phantom 3, no more messing with soldering and cables, no more painful setup, just use your smartphone or tablets and you’ll get HD video feeds with 1km range.

Indoor Positioning with Vision Sensor
Underneath the drone, there is something new which you’ve never seen before on Phantom series, that’s the Vision Positioning Sensor, it constantly monitoring the ground and tell the drone to stay at the same place, it works very well indoor.

Complete Control
Giving you full control at nearly triple the range of previous Phantom  models – up to 1.2 miles (2km) – is the built-in DJI Lightbridge, which handles all communication to and from your Phantom 3.
Great Balance in Flight time and Performance
DJI spent a lot of effort on balancing flight time and flight performance, what you see on the Phantom 3 (Motor, Propeller and Battery) are the best combination in having the longest flight time and stability.

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