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Jumper 260 Racing Quadcopter


These setup is for very noob or you may say any beginner who wants to get into Fpv Racing within the lower budget to get a integrated package within 10k price range.

Well these is for absolute begineer who wants to juss taste fpv racing and start with it can try this setup.

You may refer this link for more begineers setup : Click here


  • Integrated Control BoardMultiWii controller is integrated with center frame, pre-soldered XT60 connector, ESC connector, LED light connector, Infrared coder, care free and easy assembly.Pitch-axis GimbalIntegrated pitch axis gimbal with camera, angle can be adjusted via transmitter for easily keeping a proper filming angle while doing drone racing. Soldering free design, just connect the camera and the 5.8G Tx to the given socket on integrated control board then you can start your FPV racing effortlessly.


    Built-in Infrared Circuit Counter

    Pioneer infrared circuit counter integrated on the main control board, just assign a code using the onboard switch then you can easily doing a drone race and record the circuit time and ranking with infrared circuit receiver (not included).


    Package includes:

    • Jumper 260 frame with integrated control board
    • Picth axis gimbal with camera
    • 5.8G Tx
    • QM2804-2300KV motor *4
    • ESC*4
    • 6*4.5″ Prop *4

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