If drone racing and freestyle flying sounds like something crazy you would see in a movie, you’re right! If you’re even considering getting into the sport of drone racing, do it! This is the intense, fast paced, super addictive side of drone flying. Racing drones are like race-cars. They will take a lot more research and time than any other type of drone to start out with, but the experience you get when flying is unlike anything else in the world.It a total adrenaline rush for those few minutes of flight you have!!

Drone Racing is a real sport with real competitions and very real prize money, and it’s starting to take off all over the world. Nobody knows where this sport will end up years down the road, but it’s only getting more intense as technology advances. One day drone racing could become just as popular as any other major sport, so if you want to be the best, you better start now. Click here to learn more about drone racing and where to start.

With drone racing there is also a sport called freestyle where in you can just fly around do manuovers and impress the judges with your skills and tricks you do to make the audience shout like they do in a roller coaster…

Guys these are some Racing drones listed below each has somethng or the other 1. is diy self made copter 2. full assembled kit 3. is a semi assembled and comes with whole setup.

you can make cheaper quads and better than this even now by importing parts from china or singapore from various websites such as or or

Refer to this link if you want to custom build a cheapest good quality and performance quad which mates the pro level on a scale of 40:60 ratio



#1 QAV250-280 Black out

Kit Includes
QAV250-280 Black out Carbon-fiber frame
Original SunnySky 2204 2300KV motors x 4
12A EMAX SimonK ESC x 4
NAZE32 6DOF version x 1
2 pairs of 5030 2 blade propellers (color or props may vary)
CC3D mini Power Distribution board x 1
Heatshrink 3mm 50cm long (black and red)
LED Strip (3 led per strip) x 2

Required: (Not Included)
1 x 3 cell LiPo battery (1200mah – 1500mah)
Bullet Connectors
1 x Radio set
Lipo Charger

BUY : qav 250 blackout

Note: Remember even after buying these you do not get the equipment that is mentioned in the required section so you need to shell out the extra price for those stuff.

This kit is a good beginner kit i have personally seen people using this kit for starting the hobby it is a mediator kit you may say as it has 2204 motors but as you know drone racing has achieved a new level so there is nothing such as beginner you can even start with a 4s lipo and a 4s setup.

I have tried and test this kit it is a good kit for money considering the customs and import to India you may go with it 🙂

A video about me building this kit :

#2 JUMPER 218 PRO FPV Mini Quad-copter/

Jumper 260 Racing Quadcopter



Integrated Control Board

MultiWii controller is integrated with center frame, pre-soldered XT60 connector, ESC connector, LED light connector, Infrared coder, care free and easy assembly.

Pitch-axis Gimbal

Integrated pitch axis gimbal with camera, angle can be adjusted via transmitter for easily keeping a proper filming angle while doing drone racing. Soldering free design, just connect the camera and the 5.8G Tx to the given socket on integrated control board then you can start your FPV racing effortlessly.

Built-in Infrared Circuit Counter

Pioneer infrared circuit counter integrated on the main control board, just assign a code using the onboard switch then you can easily doing a drone race and record the circuit time and ranking with infrared circuit receiver (not included).

Package includes:

  • Jumper 260 frame with integrated control board
  • Picth axis gimbal with camera
  • 5.8G Tx
  • QM2804-2300KV motor *4
  • ESC*4
  • 6*4.5″ Prop *4

So guys as you see you get a compelete package for the drone and you need not invest anything else than a lipo and lipo charger (assuming you have a radio) i feel this is the second best kit which you can buy for the amount of Rs.10000/- .. only issue with this copter is that everythng is pcb based and if you happen to crash roughly which surely you are going to do you gonna need a new one so think wisely and buy a good one .

To buy: Jumper 280


Package Included:
1 X Eachine EB185 frame kit
1 X AIO Plate  ( Internal:1 X Naze32 Rev6 Full 10DoF Flight controller Build in Black box
4 X 12A Be-Heli 2-4S ESC
1 X 5.8G 40CH Raceband Transmitter
1 X OSD for Naze32
1 X Buzzer for Naze32
1 X LC-Power filter )
1 X FPV transmitter Antenna
4 X 1806 2300KV motor
8 X 4045  propeller (4*CW 4*CCW)
1 X 520TVL CMOS 120 degree FPV camera
1 X 3s 1300mah 30C lipo battery
1 X B3PRO charger
1 X Mini NZ GPS
1 X Eachine I6 transmitter
1 X Eachine I6 receiver
1 X TX60 receiver signal Installer
1 X Spektrum DSM/DSMX receiver transfer cable
1 X OSD tool
1 X EVA bottom frame buffer
1 X Data cable
1 X Allen wrench
1 X Battery paste
1 X Battery Tie
1 X Box

well guys this is the second option if you can import also this has a lot of stuff into that small space refer the components an choose according to your need.

To buy: eachine


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