First thing to know is there is nothing such as “Best Flight Controller” all flight controllers are best for a specific purpose and anyone you are going to ask for the best flight controller they are going to tell you the flight controller they have heard about or used before also everyone has a different purpose and style of flying.

well someone would prefer Apm but may be Apm wont work for you racing needs….


Before looking at flight controllers, you should know that there are three different types of flying. When building a drone, the most relevant type of flying is FPV Racing and freestyle, but some people still build drones for aerial photography and even autonomous missions. most flight controllers are only really good at one specific style, so when buying a flight controller, you should make sure you understand what kind of flying you’re going to be doing the most of, then make you’re decision off of that.


Now that you know what type of flying that you’re trying to do, you should be able to pick a flight controller from the list below. There are a lot of other flight controllers out there, but these are the ones that work the best for each category of flying.

Controller NamePrice & LinksFlying type
Flyduino KISSRs.2900Racing or Freestyle
Naze 32Rs.1550Racing or Freestyle
DJI NAZA-M V2Rs.21000General Use or Photography
APMRs.2500DIY & Autonomous projects
3DR PixHawkRs.8350DIY and Autonomous projects


The most fun style of flying (in my opinion) is FPV drone racing and freestyle. Any good flight controller for Racing or freestyle should be able to recover from very fast roll rates, hold any angle you put it in (regardless of how fast or what direction it’s going) and should be fully tunable. It also shouldn’t cost a lot of money, since it’s possible that it could break from crashing often.


The KISS FC (flight controller) from Flyduino is an amazing little board for any small sized quadcopter. I’m going to start off by saying that the KISS FC doesn’t have as many features as some of the other popular flight controllers out there, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because of it’s lack of features, you’re able to navigate through the user interface for the first time without a lot of confusion, and there’s no random or useless settings laying around that take up space.

Other than the basic configuration settings and monitoring tools, the only other thing that you’ll find in the GUI (graphical user interface) is the PID settings for tuning your drone. In the PID section, you can choose to tune every part of the PID loop yourself, or if all of this is new to you, simply select one of the user presets uploaded from hundreds of real pilots who already know what they’re doing.

All of this is great, but none of it matters if the flight controller doesn’t fly well. The good news is, it flies great! Out of all the flight controllers out there, this one is everyones favorite, and it’s widely known as the best flight controller you can buy (Even if it doesn’t have every single feature known to man.)



When doing aerial photography and video, you’ll want a flight controller that will produce the smoothest video possible. This type of flying usually requires a flight controller with very dampened flight characteristics and small control stick rates (slow maneuverability).

naza v2

If you want to do Aerial Photography, the DJI NAZA M V2 is the best flight controller for the job. The flight characteristics are smooth, it’s easy to fly with, and it has a lot of features like intelligent-orientation-control and return-to-home. This makes it good for beginners, or cinematographers who don’t want to worry about how to fly perfectly in order to get the shot they want. The NAZA M V2 is also one of the only flight controllers that will work with the DJI H4-3D GoPro gimbal (the best gimbal for the GoPro in my opinion).



Autonomous flying is obviously when you fly a model without having to touch any of the controls. If you want to do a lot of autonomous flying, It’s important to have a flight controller that has features like auto take off and landing, waypoint flying and data telemetry. It should also have open-source firmware so that you can later on add or improve features.


The bad thing about the the NAZA flight controller is that the firmware can’t be modified in any way, so there isn’t any future expandability or extra features unless DJI comes out with a firmware update for it. That’s where something like the 3DR Pixhawk comes in. The Pixhawk from 3D Robotics is a flight controller designed specifically for Autonomous flying. The Pixhawk has more features then the NAZA flight controller, but the more important aspect about it is that all of the software/firmware from 3D robotics is open-source, so you can add things on to it and do whatever you want. So if you’re trying to do advanced research projects, getting something from 3D robotics is probably the way to go.


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