250 quad 250

Well guys these are drones which are build with custom choice of parts and compability in order to gain high efficiency and flight experience

mostly these section of quads is been occupied by the experienced pilots in order to custom build their setups,

they choose parts such as motors ,esc ,flight controller,fpv setup,radios rx,etc

well these setups mainly depend on the budget you want to spend watching some videos you can get a idea of how to build a drone and

what you need to start with drone building… to learn more about custom building and build logs follow : Here      also to stay tuned to the youtube channel : rohitfpv

Well in these section we have about many categories some well known are :

Racing quads

Aerial photography setups

Autonomous setups

Each of them are clickable you need to click to know more about them …

Building drones is more fun than flying them……

Click on the below button to get yours customised within a good budget.. mention what you are intrested to know and learn about building drones.


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