Beginners cheap drone setup in India

Hey guys,

So recently had many guys texted me about the beginner cheapest drone they can buy or make by themselves i have been suggesting them various kits and all and asking them to buy it locally to save their stuff from customs well....

Last saturday my brother visited me he wanted to learn about drones and make one so we had a small discussion and according to him for him it was a drone and a learning phase how to make a drone and build it, but not just building he wanted to even learn how to choose those parts so i guided him accordingly..

Well i came across and kit and i would be stocking it on

I wont be able to post a special post for it but yes you can check the above link for the product

fpvcrazy WhatsApp-Image-2018-01-10-at-9.41.09-PM-225x300 Beginners cheap drone setup in India GUIDE TO BUY DRONE

It will consist of :

  1. F450 frame
  2. 4x 1000kv 2212 motors
  3. 4x 30 amp esc
  4. 1x kk2.1
  5. flyskyi6

This kit would only require you to buy a battery and fly it so its a RTF(ready to fly) Also the price for this kit is around 10k approx.

So guys stayed tuned check out DronaKart


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