DJI Spark New small size drone

The internet is an amazing thing. Now it’s been exactly 24 hours since the DJI Spark info and Photos leaked. In such a short period of time it’s all over internet now. Also just in one day there is so much information about this drone.

Different sources have different info about the DJI Spark, so we decided to collect all that information and put it all the specs together.

Top 20 Things You Need To Know About DJI Spark

  1. The size of it will be 130x150mm which means the diagonal size of the spark will be about 200mm
  2. It can be charged with regular USB.
  3. Also looking at the quick connectors on battery we can say that will be charged on a magnetic station like Apple Watch or Mag Safe.fpvcrazy 17553913_10156045156208289_2058229304540633869_n DJI Spark New small size drone GUIDE TO BUY DRONE
  4. It will have infrared obstacle avoidance, as we can see at this image below. The black surface looks similar to the side TOF sensors on Phantom 4 Profpvcrazy IMG_4974 DJI Spark New small size drone GUIDE TO BUY DRONE
  5. Same as Mavic, DJI Spark will be controlled by both, RC and Mobile App.
  6. It will have GPS, same as Mavic (GPS+Glonass)
  7. It will have downward facing VPS and Sonar Sensors.
  8. It will have 2 -axis gimbal, seems like it won’t have a yaw axis.
  9. Spark will be compatible with DJI Goggles.
  10. Spark will have Sport mode, but only when controlled by RC
  11. Foldable propellers will be 12cm (5 inch) long.
  12. The frame looks like it’s made of same tough plastic as old 450 and 550 Flame Wheel drones. It will not be too easy to break DJI Spark.
  13. It might have 2 cameras, just like iPhone 7 Plus. One with wide angle another one with standard focal length about 50mm full frame equivalent. Otherwise why would they make the camera housing oval but not round.fpvcrazy IMG_7677-2-1024x768 DJI Spark New small size drone GUIDE TO BUY DRONE
  14. The main competitor of this drone will be Yuneec Breeze.
  15. Active track feature might be available on Spark as well.
  16. It will capable of 4K video and 12 MP stills.
  17. Flight time will be about 15 min. Most of the drones of this size can fly only 10-15 minutes.
  18. Gesture mode will be available on DJI Spark, because it’s oriented to the compact selfie drone market.
  19. Most likely DJI will announce that drone in the beginning of summer 2017.
  20. The price should be different for 2 versions. I will cost approximately $600 for the kit with 3 batteries and RC and about $450 for the single drone.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more drone news, reviews and other interesting stuff!

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