Casey Neistat already has a DJI MAVIC before launch???

Just came across his video i do follow Casey Neistat VLOG’s and he just said in today’s vlog that he has a new drone of which he cannot disclose and cannot speak about specs till 18th of october,which seems to be also the shipping date given by DJI today in the live event.

Although am not sure about which drone Casey has as he has already tested KARMA so surely its not KARMA also KARMA is for sale already and launched before someday’s so it cant be KARMA but can be MAVIC.

MAVIC Is a nice portable and easy to fly drone launched by DJI and they have done a great job incase of redundancy and flight experience

Today’s launch event is covered in this blog : HERE

Key features of DJI MAVIC

It is space efficient and 1/3rd the size of paper similar to a water bottle.

  • upto 27 minutes battery life.
  • additional sensors for flight stabilization.
  • 5 cameras to sense position of environment.
  • Redundant GPS.
  • 4k/12mp 3axis camera.
  • 24 computing cores.
  • Gesture control.



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